Excerpt Five from “Born of Desire and Blood”. Naughtiness ensues.


Thanks once again to Sheri and Trent for encouraging my behavior.

This week it’s back to the warm and the wet. Duncan and Kenzi are hunting in order to feed. Since they do not hunt humans, wildlife are to be their hapless victims. And prior to their transformation to fully sith, Duncan strips Kenzi naked.

She repays the favor by taking him into her mouth. We join them just as Duncan is about to lose it.


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“Enough!” he roared, lifting her up and crushing her to him, the feel of her soft breasts against his hard muscles driving him out of his mind. And when she lifted her legs and locked them around him, sitting atop his shaft, sliding her wetness along the length of his cock, he thought he would explode.

“Hunt now,” he grunted, the brute coming to the fore, thickening his muscles, forsaking him of his words. He pushed off his jeans and shoes.

Kenzi’s nostrils flared at the scent of his towering, sculpted body, his throbbing, upright erection, and he smelled her fragrance grow stronger, more fecund, more delicious. Her lush body grew even fuller and curvier before his eyes, her hips widening, her breasts swelling, her gorgeous bottom ripening. His fingers found her wet slit, pushed inside, withdrew. He licked them, his eyes dark.

Took her hand. “Hunt now.”

They ran, their sith bodies moving in easy rhythm, in sync with each other. As if it had always been this way. And always would be.

Their primitive natures took over, their claws extending, ancient muscles flexing. Flesh rippled, sinew stretched, genitals throbbed with blood for each other. They looked into each other’s eyes as they ran, love and lust combining, the heat surging between them, a primordial force that compelled them to seek their darkest hungers in each other.

They ran, the miles disappearing beneath their bare feet. They ran, and each mile increased their love and attachment to each other. They ran, and their ache for each other rose to the heavens. They threw back their heads and howled their eerie, piercing cry, together.

Duncan’s mind descended into the broth of sith hormones simmering in his brain, acquiescing to the primal changes of his body brought about by sex, by the Bonding, but most of all by his fervent love for Kenzi. He was a man possessed, and his siren ran beside him, her small hand captured in his much larger one.

Though they had shared thoughts, no logic or order existed now. The ancient blood flowing through their vessels reached back to the dawn of time, to the Progenitor, the first of their kind. The urges flooding through them now harkened back to Her, the Mother of them all. What She was, drove them. In what She had bestowed upon them, they rejoiced. In the shadows in which She had birthed them, they moved unseen.

They were instinct, and strength, and passion, and darkness.

Duncan roared, the creature in full control now. Kenzi answered with her own scream, higher–pitched, but more prolonged. The sound raised the hackles on the back of Duncan’s neck, and his erection grew stronger, even painful. He ached for her, and he loved her in a way that approached madness.

Her naked muscles undulated in the moonlight, and his animal mind bellowed approval at the sensuous sight. Not breaking stride, he swung her around until she was on his shoulders, her thighs against his ears, her soaking pussy drenching the back of his neck.

She shrieked a snarling laugh, her own animal in command. She raked her razor claws up Duncan’s chest, ten slashes that opened up his thickened skin and flowed blood down his torso and rippling thighs. He answered her mischievous play by spinning her around, plunging his tongue into her red and swollen labia, finding her clit, his teeth biting.

She screeched her delight at his proprietary siege of her sex, slashed her claws up his back, and flipped backwards off his shoulders, gracefully landing on her feet ten yards in front of him. She danced back towards him, her eyes gone onyx, licked the blood from the wounds she had made on him, the wounds that his animal had nearly healed. Some blood dripped from her lips and down her chin, and his desire for her rose greater still.

He stopped, as did she, both frozen, listening, scenting the air. They looked at each other, and exploded into motion, faster than before.

The small herd of deer they had sensed had no chance. Entering the trees, no more than blurs, they fell upon the herd as the creatures grazed in a moonlit clearing. Claws slashed veins efficiently, blood drunk, carcasses drained.

Sated at last, the two of them turned their attention to each other. Duncan, covered in deer blood, circled Kenzi, who had managed to remain unsullied by the burgundy fluid. A laughing growl rose from her throat as her black eyes danced, watching him stalk her.

His nostrils flared at her aroma, a fragrance more ambrosial to him than any blood could ever be. She was his Bond–mate; nothing on Earth was more precious, or more desirable, to him.

She teased him, turning away and bending forward with hands on shapely thighs, exposing herself to him just a little. Her tangy perfume surged to his nose.

He lunged.



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