Making Her Wait–The Exquisite Torture of… Nothing

Copyright (c) 2014 Corey Harper



-One Evil sadistic bastard Dom

-One intelligent, busy-brained sub who can’t stop moving



She sat, in the submissive posture He had taught her. She was naked, the hardwood floor cold under her knees and shins. He said she could not have a rug or pad under her this time.

Her hands rested on her thighs, palms up, the way He liked her to be. Her folded legs were spread wide, so that the inner lips of her dampening pussy dangled for His eyes. He liked that, and knowing He liked that made them protrude further as they engorged with blood. She thrust her ribcage even more, making her small breasts stand proudly, her little pink nipples harden to tight points.

What was He planning for her now? Earlier this morning, she had been cooking His eggs, and had been feeling neglected; He’d awakened late, and had not had time to penetrate her in her sleep the way He liked to do. The way she wanted Him to do, every day. So she had “accidentally” overcooked his eggs.

When she had put the plate down in front of Him, her heart had pounded at what she had done, and she tried to snatch the plate away. But He had grabbed her wrist, trapping her, while He looked at his food.

Then He had looked up at her, with that look, and she froze, her breath catching, her heart slamming to a halt, then racing even faster than before. Picking His phone up from the table, He tapped the key that called his work, and told them he would be late–probably not in till the afternoon, perhaps even later.

She had wanted to sink into the floor then. She was in trouble!

He showed her just how much trouble a few moments after He hung up the phone. Her ass still hurt from the intense spanking He had given her. But it felt warm, too. So warm.

Thinking that made her pussy heat even more, and she felt a chill as a sudden burst of her fluids first heated, then cooled, in the breezy air near the floor.

Once He had finished spanking her, He had told her to go to her bad-girl spot here in their living room. She stared into the corner, the plain eggshell color of the wall swimming before her eyes. It was so boring sitting here. And yet, somehow, not.

If their morning had gone according to plan, right now He would be at work, making money to keep them secure, keep her safe. And she would be humming happily as she cleaned His house and took care of the myriad tasks for which He depended on her. Not to mention that she would be feeling his cum slowly oozing from her naked pussy and creeping down her leg, until He called her from work and told her she could shower and clean herself up.

But she had been bad, and now she was being punished.

Usually around this time of morning she took a break from her duties to read one of the many books she always had going. Or perhaps to continue writing the erotic novel she had been working on, the novel He had encouraged her to write. Or perhaps, just perhaps, she would be lying on the soft cotton comforter atop their bed, masturbating with her Hitachi wand while she thought about how He had pounded her cunt with His cock, and feeling his cum spread around her pussy lips and inner thighs.

Just the thought of that, now, had her pussy weeping in frustration. When was He going to come release her? What was He doing in the other room?

She wanted to twist her head to look, but had a feeling He might know if she did that. He seemed to know everything about her, even before she did. The itch to move grew in her brain until she had to fight not to squirm. Fight, not to move her hands from her thighs. Fight, not to leap up, run to Him, and beg His forgiveness.

Where was He? She never sat still this long, unless He made her. Which wasn’t that often, because He knew what it did to her.

He knew what it did to her.


The preceding scene of torture was brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Dom bastard, and was inspired by a pic posted to me by a friend. This is one of my favorite things to do to a sub.

There are many different types of Doms: rope Doms, whip Doms, fire play Doms, all or none of the above. I am–besides being a DD–what is sometimes called a “mindfuck” Dom.

Without a refresher course, I couldn’t tie a pretty knot to save my life. And while I certainly enjoy using the occasional Velcro cuff (because they are fast), or leather cuffs and collar with leash, I enjoy the mindfuck most of all.

Sometimes that term has negative connotations, but for me overall, and certainly in this instance, it is the best way to “torture” a submissive, especially one with a high level of intelligence coupled with the inability to stop moving for even an instant.

A busy girl sometimes needs help to come to a halt, to quiet her brain, to focus on something besides the external. But often she can’t do it herself. That’s where a mindfuck Dom comes in.

Doms like me aren’t for every girl. Some are only happy being in the ropes, or under the flogger, and that’s very okay. I’ve noted a consistent type with the subbies who do like the mindfuck, though, and they are the ones I’ve described above.

So, little sub, next time that you find you can’t stop moving, can’t stop thinking, know that there are Doms out there who understand, and know just exactly what to do with you.