Excerpt One from “Legacy of Desire and Blood”. Here we go…


We’re in the home stretch with the “Baobhan Sith Trilogy”, folks–first of four final excerpts from Book Three to finish out the series. (Then I haven’t a clue what I’m going to post–maybe something about cows with mud boogers hanging from their noses since they seem to be popular, eh, Sheri?)


Our intrepid hero and heroine have just done some (spoiler) things, and are now making a quick stop before doing some more (spoiler) things.

And since you know they are crazy-mad for each other, it won’t be long before… well, you know.

And BTW, if you haven’t seen the cover for Book Three yet:

Desire Book Three cover v2 (2) (427x640)

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books


Duncan pulled the car into a spot in front of one of the taller buildings on the west side of the street, where the SUV could be in the shade. Wisps of afternoon fog were just starting to paint pearl–gray streaks in the blue sky, but had not yet blocked the sun.

Kenzi looked out his window at the store they had parked near. “Women’s athletic clothing?” she said.

“It’s the most practical apparel for our current vigorous lifestyle.”

“That’s logical Duncan talking.”

He took her hand. “I like the way you look in spandex.”

“Oh,” she said, smiling. “Do you really?”

He traced his big thumb across the back of her hand, circling each knuckle. “It makes my blood boil when I see you in it.”

“Wow. Spandex it is, then.” Kenzi tilted her head towards the back seat. “What about them?”

Duncan was careful not to turn and look. “I think they’ll be fine. We’ll keep an ear out in case they change their minds and try to kill each other.”

Duncan lifted the lid on the center console compartment, reached his hand inside. Kenzi saw his fingers tapping a complex rhythm underneath the lip of the compartment, and the entire console compartment clicked and lifted an inch. Duncan pulled it up. Inside was a steel–lined box, filled with cash. Kenzi’s eyes goggled.

“You drive a bank vault around?” she said.

He gave a short chuckle, then looked grim. “Malcolm has no doubt seized as many of my assets as he can find. We don’t have time for me to sort through them. But it’s fine—I’ve stashed currency and gold here and there over the years as a precaution for emergencies.”

“Like buying me clothes.” She leaned over the cash–filled compartment and kissed his cheek.

“That’s emergency number one.” He let his hand trail down her spine, and across the soft curve of her bottom, gave her a soft pat that nevertheless made her jump.

Duncan gathered up what Kenzi thought was an absurd amount of cash just for clothing, and stuffed it into the pocket of his jeans. The two of them got out of the car and kept to the shade as they crossed the sidewalk towards the clothing shop.

It was strange, being among regular humans again. Until that moment, Kenzi hadn’t realized how long it had been—was it in Maine, with Otis and his son, that she had last shared space with mortals?

And certainly it had been prior to her newly–awakened craving to feed on warm, living beings. Crossing the sidewalk, dodging pedestrians going about their day, was more difficult than a child passing a chocolate shop without demanding to go in.

Her nostrils flared without her thinking about it, taking in all that delicious warm blood aroma.

“Steady, little one,” Duncan said. He took her hand and squeezed it. She encircled his first two fingers with her small hand and clung to him, drawing her strength from his seemingly endless willpower.

“You asked me earlier if I’d mind giving up being… what we are,” she whispered to him. “More than ever, I want this craving to stop. I can’t stand it!”

“We’ll do whatever we need to do to get there,” he promised her, leading her into the clothing boutique.

Once inside the quiet shop, Kenzi relaxed a little. Only one other female patron was browsing the racks of clothing, and the twenty–something sales clerk sat on a chair behind the counter, reading on her phone. Though both humans smelled yummy, it was less overwhelming than the dozens of people she’d scented outside the shop.

Then Kenzi noticed something as Duncan closed the door behind them: both women came to attention like someone had clapped their hands. The clerk looked up from her reading, and the other shopper froze with a sports bra in her hand. Both women locked their eyes on Duncan.

Kenzi realized she had never seen him among human females, and had never pondered the effect he might have on them. The looks the women were giving him were far more intense than a female might normally give a handsome, muscular man.

Kenzi turned partly away from the women and murmured, “They’re staring at you.”

Duncan looked at her, then around the shop. “Oh. Right. That happens.” He lowered his voice. “It’s a male sith pheromone thing. Makes being a predator that much easier.”

Kenzi could hear the women’s pulses speeding up, see their pupils dilating. Her nostrils flared, and this time not from the scent of blood.

“Umm, we should probably do this quickly, and go,” Kenzi said, sliding her arm through his and pulling herself close to him.

He put his hand atop hers. “You don’t need to rush, sweetness. It will take James awhile to arrive with his delivery. Take your time.”

Oh yeah, right. With another look at the two women, who were all but drooling as they eyed Duncan, Kenzi went to the first rack she came to and started pulling hangers off, tossing the clothing items over her arm. She went to a second rack and did the same.

The clerk stood from behind the counter and came towards them. Her eyes stayed on Duncan the entire time, even when she stood in front of them and asked, “How may I help you today?”

“You may—” Even when Kenzi spoke, the woman didn’t pull her eyes from Duncan, who was looking absently at the array of athletic wear, seemingly unaware of the attention he was receiving. Kenzi stood directly in front of Duncan, between his towering bulk and the salivating clerk.

“Yes, you may help,” Kenzi said, shoving the armload of clothing at the girl. “I’d like to try these on.”

“What?” the clerk said, pulling her eyes from Duncan with obvious reluctance, to more or less focus on Kenzi. “Oh, yes, of course, ma’am. I’ll take these to the fitting room.” Her gaze drifted back to Duncan, and she moved a step closer to him, her chest rising as she breathed him in. “Will there be anything else, sir? I mean, ma’am?”

Ma’am? Kenzi looked younger than even this little slip of a thing. And certainly a lot meaner, if the trollop kept eyeing Duncan the way she was.

Now the other patron came over. “I could use some help, too,” she said, talking to the clerk but looking at Duncan.

This was getting ridiculous. Neither the clerk nor the other customer had even noticed that Kenzi was barefoot, and clad only in a man’s shirt with a belt around the waist. It was Sebastopol, after all, but still. In another minute the two harpies would be crawling all over him, and Kenzi didn’t trust herself not to flick one or both of them across the little shop. And Duncan was apparently oblivious to the whole thing as he looked at a rack of yoga pants. He pulled out two pair, one in royal purple, the other emerald green.

“Like your eyes,” he smiled as he handed the green ones to her.

She checked the tag—the sweet man had handed her size six—switched them for the same colors in her size, faced back towards Duncan. She’d turned her back for ten seconds, and the two overheated women had moved even closer to him. And he was looking at tops now, still unaware that he was the center of attention. She had to get him away from them before someone ended up bloody.

“Duncan, will you help me?” Kenzi said, taking the armload of clothing back from the clerk, who had made no move towards the fitting room.

“Of course, sweetness,” he said, plucking the bundle from her.

In his massive arms, her selection of garb looked tiny, an observation not lost on the other two women either.

“That’s okay,” Kenzi said to the clerk. “He’ll help me.”

“Are you sure?” the clerk said, turning a little sidelong to Duncan and— Good heavens, was she thrusting her rear towards him?

Kenzi grabbed Duncan’s hand. “Yes, it’s fine. Why don’t you help this nice woman here?”

“I’d rather help you,” the clerk said, not even pretending to look at Kenzi this time.

Okay, that was enough! Kenzi knew Duncan’s feelings on the matter, but desperate times. “You help this woman,” Kenzi said, the music of the Binding creeping into her voice. “Now. Be off with you.”

The girl shifted her gaze to Kenzi, who had tried to keep the darkness from tinting her eyes. She didn’t think she’d been entirely successful, because the clerk shrank back a little as her eyes widened. But still she didn’t move from Duncan’s right side, and the other woman flanked his left side.

Criminy! What kind of spell was Duncan casting here, that even her Binding couldn’t punch through?

He had frowned down at her when he heard the melody in her voice.

Don’t you dare look at me like that! Don’t you see what you’re doing to these women?

I… Oh. No, hadn’t noticed. Sorry, my darling. Hang on…

Duncan smiled at the two women on either side of him. “Ladies,” he said. “I am going to assist the love of my life with her fitting. You,” to the clerk, “help her,” the customer, “now.”

Both women came to attention like he’d slapped them, and with looks that reeked of disappointment, but still held hope, the clerk led the other woman to racks at the far end of the store.

“I apologize again, my sweet,” Duncan said to her, taking her hand in his free one. “I haven’t been around human females in some time.”

“I thought they were going to rape you!”

He laughed, a full male sound from deep in his belly that made Kenzi and the two women turn towards him. “Not a chance, darling. I only have nose for you,” he said, flaring his nostrils and breathing her in. “If anyone is to be taken advantage of here, it will be you.”

She held his gaze with her own, her emerald eyes sparkling. A moment longer, then she dropped her eyes. “I dare you,” she whispered.

His eyes went from that startling azure to midnight in an instant. He pulled her hand, towing her towards the rear of the shop.

His hand was so hot in hers that she thought she would light ablaze. Every cell in her body began tingling. What was he going to do?



Yes, actually, I do like teasing you all (just in case you were wondering).

But don’t worry, there’s more to come (and yes, that will be spelled both ways).

And don’t forget Book Two is out now on Amazon. Book Three will be released June 19th, and is in pre-release on Smashwords.

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Excerpt Four from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”. Four, and out.

Hey, guess what? This is the last excerpt from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”, because the book releases tomorrow (that’s 5/22/14 for those of you visiting from the future).

And to celebrate, ya know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to finish the naughty scene you’ve been reading the past two Crawls. Yep, actual finish, as in “happy ending”, “check please”, “I need a PBJ sammich”. Never let it be said that Corey Tremaine Harper kept a girl hanging.

And yo, if you need a warm-up, go back and read Excerpts Two and Three. Cuz it’s totally obvious I’m all about the foreplay.


Desire Book Two cover copy


Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books


He felt bigger than he ever had before. She knew that was impossible, but the thinking part of her brain was drowning in the nonstop waves of the most unbelievable orgasm she’d ever had with him. And that was saying something.

Duncan was motionless inside her, holding firm to her swollen breasts, and nipples so hard they felt like they could cut glass. Every time she thought her orgasm was about to subside, it would plateau a moment, then climb again. The pain was still there, but it was so odd—it didn’t matter, because it somehow became a pleasure so concentrated she had no words for it.

“Fuck,” she breathed. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” That was all she could think of.

And then Duncan began to move inside her. The never–ending orgasm became the stuff of legend. She could feel every inch of him inside her tightest opening, every vein, every fold, every aspect of his gigantic swollen head. Again she felt the urge to oust this intruder, but only for an instant.

What had been hottest hot went supernova. She couldn’t tell if her eyes were open; all she could see were bright flashes against a blue velvet backdrop. She couldn’t tell where her limbs ended, where the boundaries of her skin were, where Duncan began. Her whole world both expanded to a nameless universe, and telescoped to that massive, blazing rod inside her.

He eased back, and pushed in, his movements at first slow. She was frozen at the end of him, hanging there in the cold water that seemed to boil around her now. Her legs were so rigid the way they were locked around him, she doubted even his tremendous strength could bend them. She felt his turgid cockhead stroking in and out, forward and back, massaging and caressing inside her. His prominent flare slid like a silken plunderer against her inner tissues, and its hardness felt like it was in her pussy at the same time, the thin wall of skin scarce barrier to the sensations she was experiencing.

And the damn orgasm just kept building. To say it washed over her in waves was like comparing water trickling from a faucet to the crashing weight of a tsunami.

Now he began to move faster. Drawing back, then thrusting forward, his tempo increased. Even though his imposing girth and length resonated across the barrier, her cunt started to feel empty.

The moment she felt it, he sensed it, and his fingers were at the entrance to her pussy. His hand had glided from her breasts down her tummy, between her clenching thighs, and separated her labia. His long second finger slipped between her lips, slick with her essence even under water. Pushing first one, then two, then three fingers inside her quim, he stroked them in and out in rhythm with his impaling shaft.

Oh my g… g… g!” Her voice was no more than guttural, the power of reason on its way out.

His other hand slid down from her breast. Part of her whimpered from the loss, another part wasn’t sure he’d actually been touching her there, her nervous system was so overwhelmed. He cradled her tummy with that hand, his broad palm spreading to almost cover her entire belly. Holding her thus, he began to move ever faster.

She gasped, her breath catching on the hook of the climbing sensation. His one hand on her belly, the other buried in her snatch, he levered her forward and back along his shaft, sliding in and out of her faster and faster.

She screamed again as another steaming torrent surged from her. Aroma rose from the water’s surface, and boiling fluids gushed over them both from below. So intense, too intense, and yet…

“Harder,” she grunted, her beast coming forth, her muscles thickening, her curves growing even more lush. “God damn you, Duncan, fuck me harder!”

She felt the chuckle in his mind, followed fast by a snarl as his own brute awakened in response to hers, his muscles rippling with the change. He pulled her away from his body till he popped out of her asshole. Just as she was about to scream from the sudden shock, he rammed himself back in, sending her cry to a quick death. She couldn’t breathe. Her heart was exploding in her chest, her ribs hammering, her breasts heaving and swelling even heavier. Now she couldn’t even see the flashes on the blue backdrop; it was all one huge firework. Her brain went somewhere far away, and any thought was impossible. And still

Harder! Fuck me, you fucking fucker, fuck me HARDER!”

She had no idea if she had thought that or spoken it. But it got results. She caught some flit from his head about the water density slowing him down, and the next moment they were on the shore. No idea how that happened.

His feet squished in the spongy moss as he carried her away from the water. She was still suspended on him, suspended from him, that iron–hard dick still moving inside her. He held her aloft, her hands flailing behind her, finding his hips. Her sith claws popped forth and she dug in, stabbing his skin, anchoring herself in his flesh. Coppery blood scented the air. He grunted and grabbed her hips, his fingers painful steel against her pelvic bones. She didn’t care.

Just harder. Just more.

His incredible sith strength held her like a rag doll, now pumping her along his shaft like the fuck–toy she delighted in being with him. The concentration of sheer fucking joy she’d felt since she’d asked him to plunge into her with no warning or pause, and he did, took that pleasure–pain somewhere she had never been.

It wasn’t even this universe.

She had released his creature, and it had responded to her urging like the brute it was—mindless, rutting, its descent to pure animal complete. She loved him for it, for allowing her to free that tightly controlled part of him, knowing he would keep her safe even while it hurt.

She sent him the deluge of emotions she was experiencing, and she felt his cock jump inside her in response. He threw back his head and bellowed, crushing her to him, his hands painful and hard across her tender breasts, her silken belly, her engorged pussy lips. Her clit stood straight out, demanding.

He bulged even more inside her, making her cry out, at the same time her claws dug deeper into his hips, her legs tighter, urging him to more. She was squashed against him now, her back to his iron chest, her trembling ass mashed into his groin with every plunge he took.

She rocked her hips, trying to draw him deeper. If this orgasm was to have a crest, she was nearing it now, otherwise she felt she would die from it. This riptide yanked her along, tossing her like flotsam, she helpless in its power, and his. He held her as if she didn’t matter, but like she mattered more than anything she could imagine. Like useless debris, but precious jewels. Like death, but life everlasting.

Every last mote of self evaporated, and she was pure surrender. And in that moment of surrender, she was free. Past, present, future—none mattered. She existed, weightless, somewhere, somewhen, else. A glow expanded inside her mind then. Things previously tethered began to struggle free, things kept captured, indentured, imprisoned. Her mind’s eye looked, and wondered.

What was that?

Duncan’s pace was harsh and unforgiving, and she was afire. Please. Please, Duncan. At the same moment his thumb found her clit, he jammed his teeth to her neck and bit, hard.

She came, but the word gave it short shrift. What had been explosions, fireworks, novae, now became blackest black, and whitest white. Everything existed at once. Nothing had a name.

Duncan engorged to heroic proportions in response to the immense feelings he sensed from her, and began to spurt his seed deep inside her. Somehow through the clouds among which she floated, she felt him come, heard his roar, felt his every molecule ripple and vibrate in sync with hers.

They quivered together, the two of them, a long time. He held her to him, close, close. She melted into him, wanting nothing more in that moment but to shelter inside that massive male body.



Okey-dokey. I really do need a sammich now.

I hope you had fun with the excerpts from Book Two. Next week–yep, you guessed it–we start with Book Three, “Legacy of Desire and Blood”.

And of course you know Book Two is now available at all fine retailers, right? Like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple


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Excerpt Three from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”. You asked; I answered.


Has it been a week already? Seems like just yesterday I was posting something naughty that Duncan and Kenzi did. Fortunately, there is no dearth of naughty things that they do. To whit:

We’ll pick up where we left off last week. (If you need a “warm-up”, go back and have a read of that post.) In a blog comment on that post, someone asked me to let the poor girl experience a “release”. Be careful what you wish for.


Desire Book Two cover copy

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books


Kenzi loved and ached for Duncan all the more, because she knew he was doing this to swell her pleasure ten–fold, a thousand–fold. And she knew he would allow her release when he was damn good and ready.

The thought made her sink into him, like she was becoming even tinier against his massive bulk. It was acknowledgement of her surrender to him, to give up her control so she could be in that moment, in all those moments, she knew he would create for her. All she had to do was submit, and know that her submission drove him to even greater levels of excitement.

And she felt it in him, her submission intensifying his energy. Like he was crackling with electricity. It boggled her sometimes, this male energy—it seemed bottomless. Knowing it was all focused on her, would always be focused on her, was almost overwhelming. If she was a human girl, she probably would have fainted.

He must be feeling a little overwhelmed too, because she felt his erection pushing past the waistband of his jeans, the firm yet silken head emerging to press against her perineum. The heat radiating from it burned through her, even in the chilled water, sending a frisson of desire like a jolt vibrating in her cells.

She looked up at him again, and he was smiling at her. “What’s funny?” she asked. Sometimes it was nice to hear him talk, rather than always reading his mind.

“I was just thinking what a crazy day it’s been,” he said, his voice low and rumbly the way she liked.

She giggled. “Even for us, I think.” For the moment, she stopped trying to get her hand between them, and encircled his neck with her arms.

He chuckled. “Even for us.” His face went serious. “How are you feeling?”

She cocked her head. “Don’t you already know?”

His full, sensual lips quirked. “Sometimes I’d rather hear you talk.”

“Oh.” Great minds. “Well, I’m not sure my brain has caught up to everything yet. It’s bizarre to have gone the last four centuries being a part of this world—the sith world—but not really a part of it. Know what I mean?” He nodded, and she continued. “And then to have a whole lot of the sith world happen all at once… I just haven’t caught up yet. I thought I was going to lose you today.” She saw his face furrow, and hastened, “But I’m okay, really. I’m pretty resilient, you know.”

“Yes, you are,” he said.

She lowered her eyes. “Are you going to find out just how resilient?” She sent him a very specific image of herself she thought would get his attention.

It did. His eyes widened, and his erection jumped against her. “Is that what you would like?”

She nodded, eyes still downcast. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since it happened. A whole month!”

He put his forefinger under her chin and drew her up to look in his eyes. “You know I loved it, too.”

“You did?”

“Couldn’t you tell?”

She giggled; now he was teasing her. That was okay; two could play that. She had felt how the head of his erection had swelled against her warm skin when she sent him her naughty image. Now she undulated her hips, a tiny movement forward and back, enough to stroke his tumescence an inch or so. And move it towards where she wanted it.

“Vixen,” he said, the single word so deep, so heavy with promise, that she froze a moment. His eyes had darkened from their usual azure to cobalt. He gazed at her, and she felt transfixed by his scary, shiver–inducing stare, much the way she thought a deer might feel when looking up from grazing to see a hungry cougar about to pounce, its yellow eyes glowing.

“What are you going to do to me?” she couldn’t help asking. She had a pretty good idea, but he always surprised her. And somehow, asking drove up the fear level, and hence her excitement.

“Everything,” he said, his voice a low–pitched growl.

Her breath caught. He held her with one arm while he peeled off his shirt with the other hand and tossed it onto the bank. She crushed herself against his now bare chest, rubbing her swollen breasts against his muscles, gasping at the sensation of his chest hairs chafing her soft skin and achingly hard nipples. He buried his face in her soaking curls, his lips brushing the delicate skin of her neck. She felt him part his lips and nip her neck with his sharp teeth, making her jump and squeal, then sigh and melt against him.

Her hands came up and gripped his wet hair, fisting in his thick raven locks. Her fingers tightened when he nipped her again, harder this time. She felt his inner snarl from her passionate grip, and he bit her neck, drawing forth a pair of burgundy droplets. He lapped them up, continuing several moments until the puncture healed over.

“It’s okay,” she breathed, her right cheek against his. “I like when you do that.”

He groaned, deep in his chest, the vibration rumbling through her ribs. The image of the giant, unnamed predator came to her again, and she marveled that all his power was under such tight control. But that he could release it at any moment, and she would be helpless to fight it. And why would she want to?

She felt his right hand glide up the wet curve of her hip. His other hand still cradled her bottom, keeping her afloat, allowing her to tighten her legs around the hard muscles of his waist and pull closer to him. When she felt his hand slide along the outer curve of her full breast, she moaned and closed her eyes.

He cupped the weight of her left breast in his big palm, lifting it just enough for the soft flesh to fill his hand, telling her how much he loved her curviness, her lush womanliness. And just as she was sighing into his touch, he slid his thumb and forefinger inward and pinched her nipple. Not hard, not so soon, but enough to send that welcome shock of greedy craving in a straight line from her nipple to her groin. Her legs stiffened and her ankles locked even tighter around his waist.

His left hand under her bottom crept across her round globes and to the cleft of her perineum. She could feel his fingers pause there, between her increasingly swollen lips, and her clenching rosette. With his first two fingers, he stroked her in light, languid caresses, staying in the between–zone, keeping her wondering, and sending her lust skyrocketing. His touch both tickled and incited, and the two sensations warred under her skin, sending her brain into a whirl and driving her desire to the edge.

With no warning, he plunged his two stroking fingers between her pussy lips, and his thumb against her clit. At the same time, he squeezed her nipple hard, stretching its turgid fullness out from her chest.

She shrieked and came, her body wracking against his in shuddering quakes. Warm fluid ejected from her under the water and onto his thrusting fingers. She clutched herself to him, shaking and quivering as the waves of her orgasm crashed through her.

When she could open her eyes and breathe again, she gasped in a huge breath and saw he was grinning at her.

“Surprise,” he said.

Her answering giggle was mostly panting, but she managed to say, “I like your surprises.”

He slid out of his jeans and hurled them onto the moss bank of the spring pond. His erection sprang free, its impressive length nestling from her throbbing lips to her rearmost cleft. She reached behind herself to stroke her fingers across the head, making him close his eyes and groan. Rotating her hips, she ground herself the length of his heated shaft, feeling him swell and become even harder. In the chill of the spring water, it was like sitting on a scorching brand.

Holding on to his shoulders, she leaned back, forcing the flared corona of his pulsing erection to jerk against her puckered rosette. At its touch, she clenched, told herself to relax. When he’d taken her there, a month ago before all the craziness began, she’d never known anything that seemed so naughty could feel so intense and wonderful. That the pain was not like any other pain, and that when it transformed, not like any other ecstasy.

She trembled, and opened her eyes to find him gazing at her. “Hello,” she said.

Of course he knew what she was thinking. “Are you sure?”

“I want to know what it feels like when you… you know,” she said, lowering her eyes, her cheeks flushing red.

“You seem conflicted.”

“I’m a girl,” she said. “Pretty much the way it works.” She tickled the edges of his thoughts, saw what he was about to say. “Yes, I remember my safe words—red, yellow… and green.” She raised her eyes to his, gave him a shy smile. “Olive, forest, hunter, lime, British racing.”

A growl rumbled from deep in his massive chest and emerged an animal snarl. He spun her around so that her back was against his chest, her round ass pressing his cock between their bodies. She threw her head back against his shoulder as he lifted her and slid his thudding erection between her thighs. Sighing when she felt the large flare of his cockhead slip between her labia, and moaning when his big hands came up and cupped her breasts, she hung suspended on his maleness, the water and his tumescence her support.

He pinched both her nipples at the same moment, sending shockwaves of pleasure and pain through her. She heated, her belly muscles scrunching, and she bent her legs back to hook her toes around his granite–hard upper calves, leaning forward.

She knew it would hurt, but was not prepared for how much. The pain exploded through her like a constellation on fire, sparks flashing against the inside of eyelids that had shuttered tight in reaction.

Holy Mother of— He had pressed the head of his rock–hard erection against her creased rosette for only a moment, then had thrust straight in, pausing just an instant as she clenched in instinct against the thick invader, her tight ring clamping behind the flare of his corona, her muscles trying to expel this very foreign object.

He held her, murmuring reassurances, telling her to use her safe word if she had changed her mind about wanting him to do this. She bit her lip, unable to speak, and thought for a flash about telling him to stop, but then it happened.

The transformation. Had to be one of the weirdest damn things ever.

Distracted and wobbled by the initial sting, and gripping tight in her innate reaction to resist, several moments passed before she recognized the warmth stealing over her. And then it got even hotter, as her pussy began to contract.

Oh my fucking fuck!” she screamed, a thunderous orgasm crashing through her. It went on and on, building higher and higher, until she was arched straight out from his body, her legs still locked around his, her hands atop his where he held her breasts, his cock deep inside her ass. And he hadn’t even moved it yet.

He felt bigger than he ever had before. She knew that was impossible, but the thinking part of her brain was drowning in the nonstop waves of the most unbelievable orgasm she’d ever had with him. And that was saying something.



I hope everyone feels better that Kenzi got some relief from mean old Duncan’s torturing. Ah, but I’m sure he isn’t through with her yet.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought. And enter to win a free copy of this book right here!


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Excerpt Two from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”. A bit of a tease.


I hope you’ve been enjoying your crawl through the Dungeon today. This week I’ve chosen another excerpt from Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy, “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”.

In this excerpt, Duncan and Kenzi–especially Kenzi–have just been through a harrowing meeting with the director of the hunter Council and his dogged and suspicious master-at-arms. Information has come to light, and our dear heroine Kenzi is very stressed. What’s the best way to de-stress a tightly-wound sith girl? One guess.


Desire Book Two cover copy

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

“What is it, Duncan?” Charles saw the look on Duncan’s face, and frowned.

“We have a problem,” Duncan said, outlining what Alistair had told him about the spy in their ranks.

Charles’ eyes had widened while Duncan spoke, and now his features darkened in anger. “Damn it,” he said, his voice low. “When I find who it is—”

Duncan held up a hand. “For the moment, just investigate quietly. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.”

“I don’t!”

Duncan patted Charles’ shoulder. “I know, and I appreciate that. But every man deserves to be heard. Just start poking around.”

“You got it.”

Duncan looked back towards Kenzi. “I want to get her away from all this for awhile. She’s had a rough day, and Malcolm’s presence is certain to keep the men stirred up for awhile about anything sith. Give me your radio.” He pocketed the device when Charles’ handed it to him. “I’ll stay in contact. If anything pops?”

“I’ll let you know,” Charles assured him. He looked over at Kenzi, too. “She does look a little shell–shocked. Go. I’ll hold down the fort.”

“Thank you,” Duncan said. He strode back to Kenzi.

“Charles is so sweet,” she said, having heard the conversation with her augmented hearing. “I should thank him.”

“You want to do that now?”

Kenzi looked up at his face, and caught the darkening gaze of hunger growing in his eyes. “Um, no. It can wait.”

Duncan chuckled, took her hand, and the two of them passed through the gate and began running towards the hills. The miles vanished beneath their feet, their legs a blur. Soon they flashed among the trees, birdsong stilling only after they had raced past as the feathered creatures tried to react to the supersonic figures in their woods. They whooshed like wraiths among the trees, oaks first, then giving way to the redwoods.

Duncan held Kenzi’s hand, the two of them laughing as they darted among the giant trees, one or the other of them dodging the broad, solid trunks. He picked her up, spun her around, and set her back on her feet without breaking his pace or hers. Her laughter was music to him. Blood was physical sustenance, but her delight was what sustained his spirit.

He let her draw a little ahead of him so he could admire her beauty. And she was beautiful. Her wild red curls whipped behind her in the slipstream their breakneck speed created, her pale exposed neck inviting his lips, the delicate curve as it flowed to her narrow shoulders begging for his kisses, his tongue, his bite. He could see her blood vessels pulsing as her heart raced faster when she realized he was watching her. Her giggle floated back to him, and she sped up.

He chuckled, a low growl of a sound he knew she could hear. A shiver raced through her, and she ran even faster, daring him to overtake her.

Can’t catch me, scary brute!

Watch me.


He closed the gap, noting that her speed got better every time they ran. Her ability to heighten and improve her sith skills seemed endless. One day she might be able to outrun him. But not today.

He reached for her, feeling himself beginning to stiffen as his eyes traced her every rippling muscle, corded sinews, lush curves. She was woman, and she was magnificent.

And she was his.

Almost within his grasp, he prepared to close his fingers around her arm and sweep her around into his steel embrace. His erection grew firmer in anticipation.

His fingers closed on empty air. At the last second, the little rascal darted to the side, sensing his intentions. Her girlish laughter drifted back to him as she disappeared into the trees.

She was getting far too good at that. He growled deep in his chest, then let it rumble from his lips into the forest, the sound rising to a predator’s howl. The forest silenced as each creature froze in its tracks, each hoping this new, terrifying killer was not hunting them.

He was not. His prey was something far more delicious, and there she was, a hundred yards ahead. She flitted back and forth among the trees, making it as hard as she could for him to track her, but her zigzag route also slowed her down. She still had some things to learn from him, and the thought made him happy.

He watched her, picking up her patterns. In moments he had it.

“Hello,” he said, appearing right in front of her.

She shrieked in surprise and delight, crashing into him and knocking both of them skidding to the loam. He landed on his back, gathering her close to his chest in his strong arms, protecting her from the damp soil and fallen branches.

As they slid to a stop, his head bumping into a redwood and knocking a chunk from the bark, she snuggled against his chest.

“So gallant,” she said.

“I endeavor to please the lady,” he murmured into her ear as she drew her legs close to her belly, trying to make herself smaller and closer in his embrace.

“Oh, the lady is pleased,” she said.

Her bottom rested atop his groin, soft round cheeks pressing against him. When the image of her naked behind formed in his mind, his erection grew.

“Mmm,” she said, feeling his thoughts. “I like that you don’t mind how round I am.”

“Kenzi, my love,” he said, placing a finger under her chin and raising her face so he could look into her eyes, “you are so beautiful, it makes me ache in places I didn’t know I had.”

“Smooth talker,” she said, as casually as she could, but he felt her thoughts as well, and as the warmth spread through her, she was feeling anything but casual.

“Come on.” He stood, pulling her to her feet, the suddenness of his movement and his strength making her gasp.

He pulled her along, his nostrils flaring as he scented the first moments of her arousal. He wanted her here, now, his marauding male lust demanding he take her. But his desire to strengthen their bond even more fed his yearning to make each moment of their intimacy last as long as he could.

Now mixing with her scent was that of the spring, just ahead. The fresh, fertile smell of the water called him, and he swung her into his arms. Not breaking stride, he plunged them into the icy water fully clothed, enjoying her shriek of indignation and amusement.

He dunked them both under, hearing her yelp again under the water. He surfaced them, whipping his head to send a spray of silvery water in a fan. Kenzi’s arms were locked around his neck, and she came up gasping and laughing.

“How dare you, sir!” she said when she could speak without breaking into gales. “I am fully clothed!”

“Not to worry,” he said. In a blur he peeled her clothes off her body, tossed them onto the bank. “See? No more pesky clothes.”

“You take liberties,” she said, giving him a look of mock sternness.

“I certainly intend to,” he said, kissing her.

“Ohh… mmm,” she moaned, tightening her arms around his neck.

He traced her full lips with his tongue, feeling the smooth soft skin, making her lips as wet as he intended to make the rest of her. His touch was gentle, almost ethereal, teasing just her lips until she parted them, a soft groan escaping her. Even in the water, he scented her intoxicating aroma, increasing every instant.

Her little tongue flicked out, hesitant, but roused and seeking his. He teased her moments longer, allowing her tongue flicks to become more insistent, until he crushed his lips against hers and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth.


Kenzi sighed as she yielded to Duncan’s insistent tongue invading her mouth, playing her own tongue around his, enjoying his claim over this part of her body, and the promise that he would take far more.

She felt his big strong hands exploring the smooth skin of her back, his fingertips tracing the muscles and contours. She sensed his thoughts of pleasure as he touched her, how he marveled at the satin feel of her flesh, its softness, and her firm yet feminine musculature underneath. Having access to his feelings always made her shiver, and it did so now. How different it was in there, than in her own head! She didn’t always reach so deeply as to soak up his full maleness, but she did so now.

It was harsh, to her, and somewhat cruel. But putting her perceptions into words left so much of what he was behind—like translating slang from an alien language, without understanding anything of the culture. Yes, to be a male was to have harsh and cruel aspects, but what he did with those aspects made all the difference.

For what she felt from Duncan was that he would stand between her and the ending of the world. He would throw himself on a pyre if it meant she would be saved. He would destroy a legion if he thought doing so would keep her from the slightest harm.

So while another man might be harsh and cruel to others in his life, for Duncan it meant that his primary—and primal—goal was her protection and making her feel loved. His intense maleness was an umbrella he spread over her, making sure that, every second of her life, she felt that love and protection flow from him in waves. She was tiny and could sometimes be tossed about on those waves, but she always knew he would bring her safely to shore. For that alone she loved him, and she was his to do with as he wished.

She thrilled now as his roaming hands found the curve of her round bottom and squeezed. The feeling she picked up from his mind as he fondled her was of a very aroused animal growl. No earthly counterpart existed for the type of beast she saw in him; it was huge, dark, with massive strength, and a predator’s single–minded intent to bring down its prey. She trembled, knowing it was she.

The fear sent a tremor of arousal through her entire body, making her belly muscles clench, and her sex heat and throb. Her breasts began to swell, her nipples tightening against his hard chest as he crushed her to him, her soft flesh squishing as both she, and he, worked to get even closer to each other.

The fact that he was still clothed, and she naked, thrilled her beyond what she imagined such a simple difference could make. She felt naughty, and wanton, with this beautiful but fully clad man seizing her trembling, exposed body to his own.

She could feel his powerful legs scissoring the water, keeping them both afloat, strong enough that he had his hands free to do as he wished with them. She floated her legs up, encircling his narrow, muscled waist and locking her ankles behind his back. The action angled her pelvis, allowing her vulva to rub against his stomach. Just that basic contact with his sculpted belly, through his black polo shirt, caused her labia to swell and engorge with blood and desire for him. She gripped his firm waist with her legs, clamping her thighs tight, but with his body in between.

This was making her crazy! She needed to touch herself, and drew one hand from around his neck and down between their bodies, flattening her palm and fingers to slip between his stomach and hers. She could have loosened her leg grip on his waist, but no way was she moving even a millimeter away from him!

Just as she was about to slip a finger between her increasingly demanding lips, he caught her hand.

“Uh–uh,” he grunted.

She lifted her head to see the look in his eyes, dark, smoldering, his lids heavy. She gasped. He would devour her!

She ground her pussy against his stomach, letting him know in no uncertain terms what she wanted. From his mind she detected a chuckle, and she knew he already knew. He was not going to let her touch herself until he decided she could!

Well, she would see about that.

She used her sith strength to shove her hand downward against his grip. It was like battling a mountain. She gained a fraction, and another, but then he pulled her hand back, and she knew he was teasing her, letting her get close, but never reaching it. And it was driving her out of her mind. For all the centuries she had been alive, she could never have guessed that the simple act of being deprived of instant satisfaction could drive her to such lustful heights. She could never have guessed, because she had never known a man like this. Until now.

She loved and ached for him all the more, because she knew he was doing this to swell her pleasure ten–fold, a thousand–fold. And she knew he would allow her release when he was damn good and ready.



I hope you enjoyed this week’s naughtiness. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

“Betrayed by Desire and Blood” will release on May 22nd from Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and other retailers.


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Excerpt One from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood: Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy”. Moist things occur.


So here we are at the first excerpt from Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy, “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”. I hate when that happens. Betrayal, not excerpts.


We’ll start with sort-of the beginning of Book Two. Why “sort of”? Because Duncan and Kenzi have just been reunited after… well, things. What things? Some things. (I’ll be giving stuff away, like spoiler stuff, if I say more. Read Book One, and you’ll be up to speed.) I’ve also made some small edits to the excerpt, so as not to give away the aforementioned spoilers.

And since Duncan and Kenzi have been apart, and being the horndog sith that they are, well…

Oh, and in case you missed the cover reveal for Book Two:

——————————— Desire Book Two cover copy

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

  “I thought I’d lost you,” Duncan said, bringing his lips to her ear.

“I thought so, too,” Kenzi murmured, closing her eyes as his hot breath tickled the whorls of her delicate ear. “Both of us. Lost, I mean. Oh, hell.”

His heated breath was doing things to her, and she was having trouble focusing on speech. When he flicked the wet tip of his tongue against her earlobe, and began tracing the shell–like spirals of her ear with it, her knees buckled. He caught her, picked her up, and laid her on the bed. She saw the dark, promising look in his eyes as he stood over her in all his big hugeness.

“The bed’s all messy and bloody,” she said.

“I don’t care.”

“I’m all messy and bloody,” she said.

“I don’t care.”

Ohh. She had missed this Duncan. Her arms seemed to rise of their own accord, languid against the crimson–soaked pillow under her head, her wrists crossing above her head as if she was shackled. Maybe he would do that to her sometime for real. She trembled.

She saw his erection growing, right before her eyes, growing, growing, until it stood straight out, throbbing at her. She reveled that it was she who did this to him, that after all they’d been through, his response to her was immediate and fierce. And since they had been naked when [edited] begged him to spare her, she felt secret satisfaction that she had not seen him so much as twitch, even when confronted with [again, edited] flawless, topless beauty. He was hers!

“We should talk about what I did to you,” she said. “The thingy.” She didn’t really want to talk—the growing dampness between her thighs was telling her to shut the hell up and let him do terrible, delicious things to her.

“Later,” he said.


“Later.” He dove onto the bed, gripped her knees in his huge hands, spread her legs wide apart and raised them into the air, and plunged his tongue into her sex.

Okay, later. Mmm.

Duncan’s hands felt shivery rough on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. He slid his palms down towards her pussy, using his forearms to keep her legs spread and in the air above his head. When he dragged his fingers across the tendons at the innermost part of her thighs, and then to the outer lips of her mound, she arched her back and thrust her wetness against his seeking mouth.

Her nipples sprang to hardness, the rubbery points aching for his touch. His hands came up at that moment, his large fingers brushing across her nipples, back and forth, hardening them even more, sending tremors of exquisite agony through her, till she thought she would go mad in her need for release.

But he only flicked his fingers, and she caught the devilish glee in his mind as he teased her higher. Oh, she had missed this Duncan! He was not going to release her so soon, or so easily. That realization made her quiver and moan, as his lips and thrusting tongue continued their assault on her soaking quim.

Her fragrance filled the air, her salty feminine tang mixing with the scent of the coppery blood soaking the bed on which they lay. From his mind, she sensed his grunt of pleasure as his nostrils flared, breathing in her essence. She saw that he scented her as cinnamon spicy, and that gave her joy. And made her really, really wet that just her aroma could give him such pleasure.

Like the pleasure he was giving her. She fisted her small hands in his thick, lustrous hair, the individual strands sliding through her fingers like finest silk, and pulled him tighter against her. He obliged by plunging his tongue deep into her, making her cry out and arch her swollen breasts into his palms.

She caught his intention at the instant he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and squealed when he pinched them hard, bringing her fully up from the bed. Her belly clenched, and she slammed her legs closed against his head as she came, her liquid bursting from her. She worried it was too much, that he might not like it anymore after being apart for a month, but he drank of her like a man dying of thirst. And that just made her come more. Fully off the bed, every muscle in her body scrunched tight, she balanced on her round bottom as she held his head with her hands and knees.

And just when she thought she couldn’t come another drop, he slid a slippery wet finger into the tight, puckered ring of her ass, with no warning. It was like he’d lit the fuse on a rocket.

Sparks exploded across her vision, and she screamed, and creamed over and over into his waiting mouth. She needed him so bad! His cock in her mouth, her pussy, in her ass. Anywhere he wanted to put it. She just wanted him however he wanted to take her for his pleasure.

He rose up from between her thighs, his lips and chin wet with her essence, a big grin on his face as he watched the aftershocks of her orgasm still ripple through her.

When she could catch her breath and speak without shaking, she said, “You look pretty proud of yourself, stud.” Nope, words still came out breathy.

“You look very fuckable,” he said, observing her flushed face and chest, her wild red curls, her heaving breasts.

“Duncan!” she said, slapping the top of his head. “Wherever did you learn to speak such language? And to a lady, yet!”

“Mainly from you,” he said. “Let me rephrase—you look very fuckable, milady.”

“Much better,” she said.

He slid up her body, the oh–my–god hard muscles of his torso gliding up her belly and across her breasts. Her wetness was threatening to dehydrate her. And when the head of his rock–hard shaft slicked through her labia and flipped across her clit, it was like he’d rung a bell. She gasped out a breath, and he kept her oxygen deprived by pressing his lips to hers, plunging his tongue into her mouth and capturing hers.

His tongue thrust against hers, insistent, like the pulsing of his erection against her softest flesh. She was going out of her mind, and so soon after a colossal orgasm! And just when she was about to shout, “Put it in me, already!”, he did.

There was no buildup this time. Shoving into her with his hot, stiff, demanding rod, then pulling back and slamming forward, was all she needed. All she wanted. She went off again, throwing her arms around his neck, her claws shooting out from her fingers, her legs and ankles locking around his narrow, sculpted waist. She dug her heels into his firm, muscled butt and tried to pull him deeper into her.

He pulled back, till just the head of his cock remained at the entrance to her drenched core, and plunged into her again. And again. And again.

She screamed as her orgasm became her whole world. Her shriek set him off, his erection becoming impossibly huge, and he growled and grunted in her ear as he shot spurt after spurt of his boiling semen deep into her. She felt his thick cream splash against her inner walls, filling her more than she thought possible. It was hot, and thick, and she never wanted it to end.

“It won’t,” he rumbled in her ear, nuzzling her as the last jets of his orgasm filled her to overflowing. “I will always be with you.”

“You will?” She pulled back so she could look into his eyes, her emerald orbs flicking back and forth as she searched his face.

“Yes,” he said. “I plan to fill you in every way possible, for eternity.”

“Oh, Duncan,” she sighed, pulling him close to her.



So, yeah. How’d you like that one?

“Betrayed by Desire and Blood” is up for pre-order now at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble, and will release on May 22, 2014 there and on Amazon.

As for Book One, it’s at Amazon as well as the links above.


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Excerpt the Last from “Born of Desire and Blood”. You heard me.


So here it is: the last excerpt from “Born of Desire and Blood”. Because the book releases this Thursday April 24th, is why. But don’t worry, because the second book in my trilogy–“Betrayed by Desire and Blood: Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy” (noticing a pattern here?)–is all finished and I’ll begin posting excerpts from it next week.

In the meantime, let’s go out with a bang. Duncan is attempting to explain to Kenzi what could happen to her if he loses control of his sith beast when he is with her. Of course, Kenzi has her own ideas about things.


Desire Book One cover v4


Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

“Look, Duncan,” Kenzi said, putting on her best I–know–what–I’m–talking–about face. “You wouldn’t hurt me. I know it in my bones.”

“Far be it from me to argue with your bones.” He smiled a little, and she brightened, but then he got that serious look again. “Kenzi, I don’t want anything to happen to you. If it did…” He trailed off.

“If it did, what?” She put her cheek against his hard pectoral. “What could happen to me? I trust you to always protect me.” She raised her head and gazed at him with all the solemnity of a woman who knows she’s right. “And I do okay taking care of myself, you know. Been doing it for a long time.”

He shook his head. “This is a different game now,” he said. “We are preparing to go against a formidable enemy. The last thing I need while I’m worrying about your safety with that, is to also be fretting that I could hurt you in a moment of debauched weakness.”

“‘Debauched’?” She burst into peals of laughter.

He pressed his lips together and waited until her mirth subsided, and said, “Yes, little one.”

Oooh. She liked that—little one.

He went on, “You just recently discovered your… er, sexuality, because of— Well, it doesn’t matter right now.”

She looked at him sharply. What had he been about to say? She opened her mouth to ask, but he continued on.

“What does matter is, for whatever reason your desires were kept in check before, they are released now.” He let out a breath, and she could feel and hear his steady, deep heartbeat. “Our kind are largely unable to keep their baser cravings in check. From the Making, all sith seek extreme hedonistic pursuits.” He looked a little discomfited. “Blood, of course, is pursuit number one. But sex is a close second.” His discomfort grew. “Kenzi, I’ve seen things—”

“Ooh! Tell me about them!”

“I’m being serious now,” he chided her, but all she could do was beam at him, so a smile touched his lips for a moment. “An out of control sith is a fearsome spectacle. An out of control male sith is even worse.” He curled his lips in chagrin. “And then there is me.”

She stroked his rocklike biceps, bulging as he held her off the ground. Wasn’t he getting tired of holding her weight? “You won’t hurt me,” she said, giving him one quick nod of her unwavering belief in him.

His answering smile made her tummy go liquid. “I appreciate your faith in me, but there are things you don’t know…” Again he trailed off.

She frowned at him. “What? What aren’t you telling me?”

He gazed at her long moments. Finally he said, “Do you trust me?”

“You know I do.”

“Then I’m going to ask you to trust me on this.” And somehow he was holding her up with one hand, while his other came up and stroked the length of her spine.

She shivered, and felt herself getting wet again. “No fair, bub!” she protested. “You don’t play fair!”

“Chalk it up to me being a beast,” he said. His hand paused at the small of her back. “Will you do that?”

Her eyes had closed. “Mmm… What?”

“Will you trust me on this?” he said. She knew he was waiting for her reply, but couldn’t quite get the words out, could only moan. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he said.

“Ahhh…” She tried to focus on his face and ignore his stroking. And he was getting erect inside her again.

“Does it at least mean we still get to do this?” she asked, letting her right hand go between their bodies, her index and second fingers spreading to either side of his hardening shaft, and stroking it with the strong grip of her fingers.

“Kenzi…” The word was both a warning and a promise. His eyes closed, and his erection jumped inside her.

She tried reasoning with him, while she had his shaft imprisoned between her sith fingers. “You said we sith can’t control ourselves, and that someone like me will be really out of control, right?” He grunted, his hips beginning to move, so she took that as assent. “Then what better way to keep me in control, than to keep me close and fuck me a whole lot?”

His eyes flew open. “Kenzi!”

“Oh, don’t be such an altar boy!” she said, stroking him fast and clamping her fingers tighter around his soft skin. Her voice softened. “Don’t you like it when I talk like that?”

“Er…” he mumbled. She could see he was having a lot of trouble focusing on her words, and that pleased her no end. Two can play this game, Mister! She wiggled her fingers against him while she fondled him, began to undulate her pelvis. His cock leaped inside her.

“Duncan…” she murmured, drawing her lips to his ear, her pussy getting moister by the second. Her tummy muscles clenched. “We can make love. We can also fuck. There’s nothing wrong with that. You like fucking me, don’t you? You like the feel of your hard cock in my very wet pussy, don’t you?” She was making herself hotter with all this naughty talk, and she could tell from the way he was swelling inside her that she was getting to him, too, no matter how formal he tried to act with her. Her hips sped up.

A harsh growl rasped from his throat, and Duncan lifted her into the air, holding her aloft with his massive arms. She thought she had offended him with her dirty talk, but no! He tossed her in the air a few inches, caught her in his big hands as he adjusted his grip, and pressed her pussy to his mouth!

“Oh fuck!” she shrieked. He was holding her in the air, his giant hands part under her ass, part on her hip bones, and his tongue was circling her pussy lips. She grabbed his head and held on. Maybe later she would want him to be more subtle, but now—

“Duncan! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she squealed as his tongue found her clit. She came hard and gushed her honey into his waiting mouth. Her cum, mixed with his from before. She worried for a second, but he drank it all, groaning deep vibrato into her pussy.

“Oh, holy fuck!” she cried, her brain melting at how sexy he was. “Duncan! Please!”

He needed no further urging. Once more flinging her into the air, he flipped her around as he caught her, turned her so she faced away from him, wrapped one granite arm around her waist, the other across her hanging breasts, and plunged himself into her from behind!

Fuck!” she screamed. “Oh, Duncan! Oh!”

She hung there from his arms, impaled on his cock, her own limbs flailing mindlessly in her scorching arousal. He began moving her back and forth on his heavy shaft, and it pressed inside her. He let very little of her weight hang—just enough so that she could feel the strength of his cock, and how it pushed against the thin wall between her pussy and rectum. The sensation was one she’d never felt, and it was driving her out of her mind!

Her clit began to burn and jerk, and she was so close…

Suddenly Duncan pressed his thumb against her anus, at the same moment angling her body so that the turgid head of his cock hit her G–spot. The two sensations—the forbidden and the mind–blowing—made her see stars against her closed eyelids while her body tightened and her back arched.

Duncan bellowed a wordless howl, and began pumping more of his hot cum into her. At that same moment, she shuddered and gushed a scalding stream of her nectar back onto him, her orgasm shaking her so violently that it was all Duncan could do to hang onto her.

He raised her up so that her back was against his muscular torso, and held her close while she trembled in the aftershocks. He put his large hand against her throat, and gently drew her head back against his shoulder, kissing her forehead soft as gossamer.

After a few minutes her shaking ebbed. She had never felt this before. What was the word? Sated. That was it. What a lovely word.



I hope you’ve been enjoying the excerpts from “Born”, and will come back next week for a fresh excerpt from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”.

And if you’d like to know where to get “Born of Desire and Blood”, visit my Books page for full info.


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Excerpt Six from “Born of Desire and Blood”. Yep, it’s got THAT in it.


Thanks to our hosts, Sheri and Trent, for wrangling another great Crawl.

This week we’ll continue with the warm sweaty stuff (except sith don’t sweat). You may remember my excerpt a couple of weeks ago, where Duncan was frozen in place, afraid making any move towards Kenzi could potentially cause her great harm.

Yeah. How’s that working out for ya, Duncan?


Desire Book One cover v3

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books


Damn you, Duncan Munroe!

She stood right in front of him now, so close that the burning tips of her breasts almost touched his sculpted abs. What was wrong with him? He obviously wanted her—she was amazed his jeans could contain what she was seeing. And if she wasn’t getting so pissed, she’d be running her fingertips down its length, just to see if that was all him.

She waited, looking him in the eye, and her scrambled awareness still told her minutes passed. Enough was enough.

Asshole!” she hissed, and turned and walked away.


Duncan’s heart crashed. She was walking away!

He could take it no longer. Every particle of his being roared at him to take her now. To claim her as his female. Now and forever!

His vaunted logic crumbled to dust, and the beast howled to life. No shades of gray; she was his, and he would have her! Nothing of intellect showed in his eyes; he was animal. He reached out and grabbed her arm before she moved out of reach, and yanked her around to face him.


Kenzi gasped as the room spun. Duncan’s hand was on her upper arm, and he was rough. He hauled her around as if she were no weightier than a rag doll.

Her heart buffeted her ribs as a shiver of fear took her. But the moment she saw the look in his ravenous eyes—eyes that were darkening through cobalt as she watched—her breath caught, and her legs went from under her. The waves of desire rolling from him tossed her thoughts like driftwood on deep ocean crests.

Duncan caught her before she fell and crushed her to him, one massive arm around her lower back, the other across her shoulder blades. Her soft breasts mashed against his granite abdominal muscles. Her nipples tightened to points at the abrupt contact with his body. His heavy erection pressed into her heated belly. She couldn’t breathe.

He whirled her around and crashed her back into the wall, cracking the plaster. She was glad of her sith near–invulnerability, that she could take this. That he was wrong when he had said she couldn’t. She wanted more!

Let yourself go, Duncan! Don’t hold back anymore!

She clawed at him, at his swollen biceps—were they even bigger than before?—at his enormous chest, at his face. She was only vaguely aware that her nails had lengthened as she scratched and tore at his skin, blood flowing, fumbling to seize his head and draw him closer.

But he already knew what she wanted, because it was the same thing he wanted, and his lips met hers with an impact that rattled her teeth and cut the inside of her lips. She tasted the copper of her own blood. She bit his lip, and moaned when his blood mingled with hers.

His tongue intruded into her mouth. She sighed, and pressed up tighter against him, her claws shredding the back of his shirt to rags, and his skin to ribbons. Her tongue played with his, loving the way he thrust into her, even his very tongue letting her know he would have her his way, on his terms, for as long as he chose. Every muscle in her body clenched hard at that thought.

Her pussy flooded as she came at his power, her breasts gone full and heavy, areola drawn up tight against his rocklike muscles. Still he kissed her, his nostrils flaring at the sweet fragrance of her. She could not draw breath, and didn’t care. Her hands went to the back of his head, to his neck, and she tightened her clawed fingers into his thick black hair. He was fully supporting her now, squeezing her to him, and she let him hold her while her hands roamed through his dense locks, loving the feel of them being both coarse and silken at the same time.

She sank her hips against him, her belly pressing against his urgent erection. His cock. The word was delicious in her mind, both forbidden and swollen with promise.

She could wait no longer. Now, Duncan!



Was that good for you?

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Excerpt Five from “Born of Desire and Blood”. Naughtiness ensues.


Thanks once again to Sheri and Trent for encouraging my behavior.

This week it’s back to the warm and the wet. Duncan and Kenzi are hunting in order to feed. Since they do not hunt humans, wildlife are to be their hapless victims. And prior to their transformation to fully sith, Duncan strips Kenzi naked.

She repays the favor by taking him into her mouth. We join them just as Duncan is about to lose it.


Desire Book One cover v3

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books


“Enough!” he roared, lifting her up and crushing her to him, the feel of her soft breasts against his hard muscles driving him out of his mind. And when she lifted her legs and locked them around him, sitting atop his shaft, sliding her wetness along the length of his cock, he thought he would explode.

“Hunt now,” he grunted, the brute coming to the fore, thickening his muscles, forsaking him of his words. He pushed off his jeans and shoes.

Kenzi’s nostrils flared at the scent of his towering, sculpted body, his throbbing, upright erection, and he smelled her fragrance grow stronger, more fecund, more delicious. Her lush body grew even fuller and curvier before his eyes, her hips widening, her breasts swelling, her gorgeous bottom ripening. His fingers found her wet slit, pushed inside, withdrew. He licked them, his eyes dark.

Took her hand. “Hunt now.”

They ran, their sith bodies moving in easy rhythm, in sync with each other. As if it had always been this way. And always would be.

Their primitive natures took over, their claws extending, ancient muscles flexing. Flesh rippled, sinew stretched, genitals throbbed with blood for each other. They looked into each other’s eyes as they ran, love and lust combining, the heat surging between them, a primordial force that compelled them to seek their darkest hungers in each other.

They ran, the miles disappearing beneath their bare feet. They ran, and each mile increased their love and attachment to each other. They ran, and their ache for each other rose to the heavens. They threw back their heads and howled their eerie, piercing cry, together.

Duncan’s mind descended into the broth of sith hormones simmering in his brain, acquiescing to the primal changes of his body brought about by sex, by the Bonding, but most of all by his fervent love for Kenzi. He was a man possessed, and his siren ran beside him, her small hand captured in his much larger one.

Though they had shared thoughts, no logic or order existed now. The ancient blood flowing through their vessels reached back to the dawn of time, to the Progenitor, the first of their kind. The urges flooding through them now harkened back to Her, the Mother of them all. What She was, drove them. In what She had bestowed upon them, they rejoiced. In the shadows in which She had birthed them, they moved unseen.

They were instinct, and strength, and passion, and darkness.

Duncan roared, the creature in full control now. Kenzi answered with her own scream, higher–pitched, but more prolonged. The sound raised the hackles on the back of Duncan’s neck, and his erection grew stronger, even painful. He ached for her, and he loved her in a way that approached madness.

Her naked muscles undulated in the moonlight, and his animal mind bellowed approval at the sensuous sight. Not breaking stride, he swung her around until she was on his shoulders, her thighs against his ears, her soaking pussy drenching the back of his neck.

She shrieked a snarling laugh, her own animal in command. She raked her razor claws up Duncan’s chest, ten slashes that opened up his thickened skin and flowed blood down his torso and rippling thighs. He answered her mischievous play by spinning her around, plunging his tongue into her red and swollen labia, finding her clit, his teeth biting.

She screeched her delight at his proprietary siege of her sex, slashed her claws up his back, and flipped backwards off his shoulders, gracefully landing on her feet ten yards in front of him. She danced back towards him, her eyes gone onyx, licked the blood from the wounds she had made on him, the wounds that his animal had nearly healed. Some blood dripped from her lips and down her chin, and his desire for her rose greater still.

He stopped, as did she, both frozen, listening, scenting the air. They looked at each other, and exploded into motion, faster than before.

The small herd of deer they had sensed had no chance. Entering the trees, no more than blurs, they fell upon the herd as the creatures grazed in a moonlit clearing. Claws slashed veins efficiently, blood drunk, carcasses drained.

Sated at last, the two of them turned their attention to each other. Duncan, covered in deer blood, circled Kenzi, who had managed to remain unsullied by the burgundy fluid. A laughing growl rose from her throat as her black eyes danced, watching him stalk her.

His nostrils flared at her aroma, a fragrance more ambrosial to him than any blood could ever be. She was his Bond–mate; nothing on Earth was more precious, or more desirable, to him.

She teased him, turning away and bending forward with hands on shapely thighs, exposing herself to him just a little. Her tangy perfume surged to his nose.

He lunged.



I hope you enjoyed that snippet.

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Smashwords Interview

I get the occasional question about myself, and thought I’d post here my recent interview for Smashwords. Comment and let me know what you think.

Corey Harper on Smashwords


So. You’re a guy?

And you write romance novels?
That’s right.

Umm… Aren’t most writers and readers of romance novels women?
I read a statistic once that it was in the neighborhood of 80% female readers.I know over a hundred romance writers; two of them are male.

What kind of romance novels do you write?
My debut trilogy is an erotic paranormal romance, with a strong D/s dynamic.

Really? How can you write for women? Are you… er… that is to say…
I’m heteroflexible.

Okay. So you like women most of the time, you write romantic porn—
I’ll stop you right there. While everyone has their own definition of what constitutes erotica, versus porn, I’ll give you my perspective. Just porn doesn’t do it for me. Never has. You toss a couple of naked bodies on a bed in a story, with no buildup or tension, no preamble, you’re going to leave me cold.

You sure you’re a guy?
My whole life.

Can you describe what you write?
Of course. I start with the mind—whether in my stories, or in real life. For me, there is no eroticism without engaging the brain first and foremost. And for quite awhile before anything else happens.

What do you mean?
It’s in my profile, but I’ll elaborate. I am a Dom—

A what?
A male dominant.

You mean like whips and ropes, “Fifty Shades” stuff?
Not at all. I certainly appreciate that part of BDSM, but that’s not my personal focus, nor the focus of my stories.

So no bondage?
I said it wasn’t the focus—there is indeed bondage, and spanking, and quite a few other kinky activities.

Then how are you different than whips and ropes? And why would any woman pick up your books, much less buy them?
Because my personal philosophy—again, both in my stories and in life—is that a submissive woman (which is what my heroines are) must feel cherished and protected above ANYTHING else. She is not an object to be used and discarded, or treated unfairly, or ignored. She is the most important thing in the hero’s life, and he will take a bullet for her before he lets anything happen to her. My goal in writing my characters is that they are not perfect, and they can argue and fight, but at their very cores they have a deep and abiding respect for each other, and as the story goes forward, love.

That sounds like intense romance.
I write it the way I feel it.

So the characters do have sex, though?
Of course. Quite a lot of it, as a matter of fact. And it gets pretty darn kinky. But I write the way I like to live—a slow build, lots of romantic and erotic tension, until my characters reach the point that they just can’t fight it any more.

Sounds like mental foreplay.
Correct. And that goes back to what we talked about earlier, which is that sex always starts in the brain for me. I don’t separate it from love. My characters don’t do casual hookups. For readers who like a slow build, an increasingly heating passion, a fiercely protective hero, a heroine who may start out a bit flaky but grows and matures as the story progresses, then my trilogy will be just the right story for that reader.

So your story is mainly romance and sex?
The main thrust of my story is the developing love between the hero and his lady. And yes, lots of sex that arises out of that love. But there is an adventure that they have together, moments of action and danger, and a big conclusion in Book Three of the trilogy. I promise in my profile that I always write with a Happily Ever After ending. But I don’t promise that it won’t be hell getting there. It is a paranormal romance, after all.

What would you say to women who might still be hesitant to pick up a romance novel written by a man?
I would say this: Ladies, read the book sample. Go to my blog and read the articles on BDSM and D/s that I’ve written; and not just the articles, but the comments after the articles. Come have a look at me on Facebook, both my author page and my personal one. Comment on my blog or send me a tweet; I can’t promise that I can answer everyone, but I read everything everyone sends me. If you’re feeling brave, you can even come hunt me up on Fetlife. If you still aren’t convinced, drop me a note and tell me why, because I’d love to hear from you.

Corey Harper on Smashwords

Excerpt Three from Work-in-Progress: Book One of Erotic Paranormal Romance Trilogy


My thanks once again to Sheri and Trent for inviting me back for this week’s Dungeon Crawl. I hope you are all enjoying the excerpts, and not getting too impatient for the book to be released.

I’ve chosen an excerpt for this week that takes place immediately after Duncan and Kenzi have experienced something… well, for now, I will call it significant, and it is what Duncan was concerned about in last week’s excerpt. Kenzi has become a mostly-voluntary guest at Duncan’s mansion in Marin County, and after the significant event, she has decided to relax with a hot bath in Duncan’s sumptuous guest suite, while Duncan is off consulting with his right-hand man.


 Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

The concept of the water’s warmth was as good as Kenzi could do; she could not actually feel it the way a human could. For whatever reason her nerves had become ragged, the fragrant hot water soothed them now.

Kenzi leaned back against the curved and sloped backrest of the tub, discovered it was padded and self–heating. She let her arms rest on the cool marble deck, enjoying the contrast with the hot water surrounding her body. Her fingers brushed three matte steel buttons inset into the marble edge. She pressed one, and was rewarded with a gush of bubbles from the four side jets that churned the water into froth and reanimated the fragrance from the bath salts. She pushed the second button, and the jet at the opposite end of the tub fired up, lancing a stream of bubbles directly between her parted legs, to the apex of her inner thighs.

“Yow!” she yelped, jumping partway up, thought a moment, decided it wasn’t that bad. She settled back down. Actually, it was nice. Very, very nice.

She lay like that for a few minutes, letting the bubbling stream push and tease her folds. It felt good. She discovered that if she pressed the second button repeatedly, it cycled the jet through low, medium, and holy cow! settings. She set it on low, and settled against the backrest, her eyes closing.

The pulsing bubbles throbbed in time to the pounding in her clitoris. Clit, she thought, wondering why she had always shied away from using such fun and naughty words. Ever since she had woken up from her bloody nap—or whatever it was; she re–resolved to make His Lordship spill—she had felt randy, to the point where she’d had to restrain herself from reaching for Duncan’s muscled body and ripping his own clothes to shreds.

As a matter of fact, she couldn’t remember ever feeling quite like this. It was as if some weight had been removed from her mind, and she felt more daring, more willing to take the kind of risks that had always frightened her in the past.

And with Duncan Super–cute Sexy–stuff as close as the downstairs, she just might be ready to make that leap. She giggled, marveling at her newfound daring.

She let her mind wander over the image of that giant sculpted Adonis body of his. He was so big, and he made her feel so tiny. She had discovered she liked that feeling, liked the thought that he could break her like a twig with his massive strength, but would never ever do so, would always treat her with that gentleness she realized she had come to expect and treasure in him. Her trust in him was growing by the minute, it seemed.

She reached out and tapped the second button again, sending the jet to medium force. “Ohhh,” she moaned, as the bubbles sped up and parted the folds of her labia. Pussy, she thought. It was called a pussy, and she liked that it was called that. She wondered if Duncan would call it that. Or what other, naughtier words he might call it. And if it would turn him on to say those words to her.

That thought travelled from her brain right to her clit, and set it to harden and poke from the folds of her pussy. She opened her bent knees as wide as she could.

She flailed her hand, searching for the button to send the jet to high. Refusing to open her eyes, keeping the image of Duncan’s gorgeously rugged face in her mind, his strong square jaw with that adorable and sexy chin cleft. And those azure eyes! She imagined that face, with those full, hint–of–a–sneer lips, mouthing words to her that she had never even let herself think.

I’m going to lick your pussy,” he was saying in her mind.

“Duncan, please, yes,” she whispered.

Your pussy,” he continued, smiling at her with that quirk at the corner of his mouth. “Your cunt, delicious Kenzi. I’m going to make you come while I kiss and lick your cunt.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Kenzi whimpered, waving her hand all around the marble deck, searching for the button. She was so close… Duncan… She leaned forward, searching for the second button, and slapped her hand on it. The third button.

Ahh!” she cried, as the final jet—under her bottom—fired up.

The pounding jet rocketed between her cheeks and into the tight ring of her anus—my ass, some part of her brain thought—forcing its way into her tightest, most intimate spot.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she shouted, and exploded over the edge, her belly muscles clenching tighter than they ever had, her body raising from the water, rigid, wave after wave taking her, her clit throbbing a million beats a second. It felt like it was burning, and her entire body vibrated in time with her clit.

In her mind, Duncan smiled, put his huge hand against her cheek the way he had done earlier, and kissed her. She reached for the belt of his black jeans, her hands fumbling in her haste—

“Kenzi!” Frantic pounding on the bedroom door. “Are you all right?”

Damn his augmented hearing!


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