Horny Hump Day 7/2/14: CMNF

In this three-sentence snippet from “Legacy of Desire and Blood”, a gagged and restrained–and naked–Kenzi  is about to be taken by a very aroused Duncan.


Desire Book Three cover v2 (2) (427x640)

All she heard was the unzip; he was not undressing! He would take her fully clothed, while she was naked and open, and just about to drip on the carpet. Somehow, that made it even more exciting, that he would want her so badly that he would not bother with any more disrobing than necessary to—impale her!


“Legacy of Desire and Blood” is out now on Amazon and other ebook retailers.

And if you’d like to catch up with the first two books in the trilogy before Book Three releases on June 19th:

Born of Desire and Blood
Betrayed by Desire and Blood

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