Horny Hump Day 6/25/14: I’m thinking Kenzi and Duncan are meant to be

This excerpt is from “Legacy of Desire and Blood”, the final book of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy.

Stripping Kenzi naked in a public place, Duncan reminds her to whom she belongs.


Desire Book Three cover v2 (2) (427x640)

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This was where she was meant to be—with him, by his side, forever.

“I’m naked,” she whispered.

“That’s the way I want you,” he said, his voice going deep and rumbly.


“Legacy of Desire and Blood” is out now on Amazon and other ebook retailers.

And if you’d like to catch up with the first two books in the trilogy before Book Three releases on June 19th:

Born of Desire and Blood
Betrayed by Desire and Blood

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4 thoughts on “Horny Hump Day 6/25/14: I’m thinking Kenzi and Duncan are meant to be

    • Thank you, Jenna. Of course, the stripping of Kenzi is specific to the situation, and I will say she ends up being pretty darn happy about it. :)

  1. Well, as long as Kenzi is happy about it, I can be happy about it, but public exhibition would be a hard limit for me. Love the snippet, though. Very intriguing.

    • Thanks, krblake. This excerpt goes along with previous ones that take place in the clothing shop. They are in the dressing room, and there is the possibility of discovery. :)

      Yes, public exhibition is a hard limit for many, and an intense kink for some.

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