Excerpt Four from “Legacy of Desire and Blood”. This is it.


Welcome to the fourth and final excerpt from the third and final book in the Baobhan Sith trilogy, “Legacy of Desire and Blood”, releasing this Thursday, June 19th.

When we left Duncan and Kenzi last week in excerpt three (catch up with excerpts one and two), Duncan was just about to do horribly mean things to sweet little Kenzi:


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“I am going to take you,” he said again. “I will take you, and it will be hard, and rough. I will do it because I can.” Then, his eyes softened for just a moment as he leaned close to her ear and whispered, “I will do it because I need you so much. You are my world.”

Oh my fucking goodness! She came right to the edge, her pussy throbbing so hard it felt afire.

He spun her around again, and grabbing the leather binding her wrists together, pushed her forward so that she was bent over at the waist. Her breasts dangled, and felt even more swollen in this position. Her nipples tightened to points of exquisite pain.

She was off–balance, tipping forward on her toes, and the only thing that kept her from toppling forward was his big hand holding the belt around her wrists. His first two fingers hooked through the leather binding, and his thumb and other fingers encircled her wrists. He was still a moment, out of sight behind her, and she wished he had turned her the other way so that she could see him reflected in the dressing room mirror. But she imagined he wanted her to keep guessing.

He was motionless so long, she wondered what he was doing, but then he lowered his mental block for an instant, just long enough to send her the image of what he was seeing: her smooth, milky–pale back, her vertebrae knobbing the alabaster skin as she bent, her curvy round ass tilted up towards him as he bent her forward and raised her wrists even higher.

His simmering, almost immeasurable desire as he took in her form.

The intensity of the feelings he sent her made her stop breathing. And when she heard him unzip his jeans, she thought she would pass out.

All she heard was the unzip; he was not undressing! He would take her fully clothed, while she was naked and open, and just about to drip on the carpet. Somehow, that made it even more exciting, that he would want her so badly that he would not bother with any more disrobing than necessary to—

Impale her!

She screamed against the gag and came as he plunged himself to the hilt into her. She came as soon as the head of his iron–hard cock brushed the nub of her clit as he thrust into her, and came again as he grabbed her hips in a death–grip and ground himself against her, pushing so deeply into her she thought she could feel him in her belly. Her pussy fought to stretch and accept his thick length, accept the suddenness of his violation of her softness. She had already been very wet, and now, with his unrelenting demand of her, his inexorable need for her, she became drenched.

Her entire body clenched as she came up on her toes and thrust her ass, trying to draw him in even deeper. He grunted and reached around with his other hand to pinch her nipple. He pinched it hard, harder than he ever had! The delicious pain rocketed through her, and her orgasm stopped having beginnings and ends; it was one continuous wave crashing again and again through her body.

She shook, she jerked, her nerves firing on their own, her muscles contracting in sudden spasms, then releasing, only to catch and grab hold of her body again. She was no longer in control of herself. She couldn’t even tell if he was moving inside her or not.

Oh fuck, now he was! He had been holding himself still while her orgasm took her, pulling her hips to him, filling her void with himself. But now he wanted his own release.

He bent forward over her back, and grunted in her ear, “You are mine.”

The moment he said it, she came again, the thought of being his like this for eternity making her see spots, sparks, dazzling explosions of golden color.

Her head seemed to fill with that golden light, and it took on a shape, like an orb. She had seen this before—

Duncan wrenched back on her wrists as he came, trying to pull her as close to him as he could while he emptied his seed inside her. She shrieked again, the gag now dripping with her saliva onto the carpet, and she came for what seemed the hundredth time. Or the thousandth. Or the first, last, and always.

Duncan softened over her back, his grip on her wrists loosening. He held her under her belly, and brought his other hand around under her breasts, so that she was fully cradled in his huge hands. She just let herself go and relaxed while he held her full weight.

He raised her up so that her back was against his torso, and drew his arms around her. Her legs were so shaky that if he hadn’t been holding her up, she would have crumpled to the floor. Pulling her close to him, his half–hard cock slipped out of her with a wet pop.

“I missed you so much,” he murmured in her ear, severing the leather binding her wrists with a claw slash.

“Oh, Duncan.” She raised her arms up and back to touch and stroke his face, his neck.

“Are the two of you okay in there?” called a voice from outside the dressing room.

“We’re fine!” Kenzi looked at Duncan and giggled. “We should probably leave this poor woman’s shop—I can’t imagine what she must be thinking.”

“Who cares?” Duncan said, nuzzling her cheek.

Kenzi turned and stood on her tiptoes, and Duncan kissed her like he hadn’t seen her in a century, not just a month. She felt herself grow damp again.

“Oh, boy,” she breathed, when he let her catch her breath.

He grinned at her, bent and picked up the torn shirt, wiped her gently till she was dry. She kissed his chest, pondered the pile of clothing he had tossed on the fitting room bench, chose the emerald green yoga pants and matching sleeveless top. Slipped into them in an instant. Looking at herself in the dressing room mirror, she noted how the yoga pants clung to her prominent round butt, and the top accentuated her full chest. To her, it was a little risqué, but when she caught Duncan’s eyes in the mirror, taking her in, seeing the look of hunger in his dark eyes, she decided the outfit was just fine.

He pulled her to him and kissed her, murmuring, “You are so beautiful.”

Duncan zipped up and opened the door, to see the sales clerk standing there. Her mouth rounded as she took in the two of them, and once again got hit by the full force of Duncan’s sith maleness. She fell back a step as he came towards her.

“Here you go,” he said, handing her a wad of bills. “This should cover what we are purchasing. My girl will wear that outfit out.”



I hope you’ve been enjoying the preview of my book, and this little scene to wind up our survey class of the filthy inner workings of my brain.

If you’d like to catch up with the first two books in the trilogy before Book Three releases on June 19th:

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4 thoughts on “Excerpt Four from “Legacy of Desire and Blood”. This is it.

  1. Oooh – this was so good, Corey! I loved the image of his zipper opening … nothing better than a fully-clothed person engaged in the moment. 😉 Oh my God – this is it? ARE YOU INSANE? Please come up with more scenes …. this is sadder than “Sad cakes in the Rain”. (No offense, to SS – of course.)

    • Thank you very much, Shelly. I appreciate your kind words.

      Ah, if only there were a place where one could acquire such reading matter… 😉

  2. Hot Damn, Corey.
    Fa’reaking HOT! I love the word ‘Impale’ and twice today I’ve seen it in an excerpt. Must be my lucky day ヅ

    I too like that he disrobed no more of himself than was necessary.

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