Excerpt Three from “Legacy of Desire and Blood”. Oh you kids.


When last we left our lusty duo (Excerpts One and Two), Duncan had just dragged his beloved–and moistening–Kenzi back to the dressing room of the clothing store, calling her bluff on her dare. He had ordered her to keep silent, then tested her obedience by giving her earlobe a nip. Of course she squealed; any Dom worth the title will make sure he finds reasons for “funishment” of his submissive.

And Duncan does. Let’s be voyeurs and watch.

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She was starting to quiver uncontrollably. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that the simple act of keeping her amorous sounds locked inside could be so intense, so arousing! It made his control over her that much more complete!

Her every molecule wanted to shriek with arousal, with lust, with desire, but he had told her not to make a peep. Yet the scream bubbling up from deep in her core threatened to engulf her senses. She became ever more lightheaded, the longer his hand pressed closed her mouth.

And more wet, if she could judge by what she felt against her steaming inner thighs, and his increasingly coarse breathing as he drew in her fragrance.

His tongue plunged into her ear at the same moment his free hand found its way to her nether lips and parted them. His finger felt rough against her slick, tender skin, and again she moaned with a month’s worth of desire. A month she couldn’t even remember, but her body sure could!

Her back arched as his tongue played around the opening in her ear, and his finger forced its way between her folds. He was being rough with her, thrusting into her tight pussy with first one finger, then another. His fingers were so long and thick! It felt like he already filled her as much as she could be filled.

He withdrew his hand from inside her, and she whimpered. She needed release! But he wasn’t finished with her. As she watched, wide–eyed over his large hand covering her mouth, he reached down and grabbed the shredded shirt she had been wearing. Tearing a long strip from it that was several inches wide, he wound the strip into a tight cord, then tied a plum–sized knot in the center of its length.

“Open your mouth,” he told her, removing his hand from her lips.

She felt her eyes widen even more as she understood what he was about to do. It sent a quake through her body, and she began to shiver uncontrollably. He was so powerful! There was nothing she could do.

She opened her mouth, her trembling giving him a moving target as he fitted the knot between her lips and teeth, and tied the free ends of the cloth behind her head. The knot was big enough that it forced her mouth to open wide. She bit down on the knot, feeling its hardness against her teeth. She pushed on it with her tongue, and it pushed her tongue right back to the rear of her mouth, where the only way she could hold it was in a curled up position.

“Try to talk,” he ordered her.

She tried, but nothing except grunts came out.

“Scream,” he commanded.

She did that too, but it was a muffled “hunh!”

He looked at her and smiled. The smile was dark, and full of male desire, the kind that made a girl feel like she would be swept away on its tidal intensity. Her quivering shot up another level when he picked up the leather belt.

He caressed her cheek in a sudden, tender way. “Do you consent?”

What? She was whirling. Her inner thighs had become more soaked by the moment as he had fastened the cloth around her head. Now he held up the severed halves of the belt.

“Your wrists,” he said, speaking as if he was talking about the weather. “Do you consent?”

Holy fuck! Here, in the dressing room of a public shop?

Yes! Oh mother of all fucking fuck–gods, yes! But she couldn’t talk. And had apparently forgotten how to send her thoughts to him.

But he read her eyes and chuckled, a deep, dangerous sound that only made her shaking worse. Or better. She was feeling her moisture wetting her knees now. When would he fuck her and put her out of her misery?

“Turn,” he ordered.

She turned, obedient to him, her naked, heavy breasts jiggling a little as she did, and she heard him catch his breath as he stared at her heated flesh. She was so happy he loved her curves and voluptuousness. She put her hands behind her back without being told, crossing her wrists for him.

In a flash he had bound her wrists with the leather belt. The rough underside of the leather scratched the soft skin of her wrists in a way that did nothing to calm her trembling. She flexed and wiggled her fingers against the bond. Without him saying it, she knew she would be in trouble if she broke the leather with her sith strength, and she vowed not to do that.

He spun her around to face him, the sudden movement making her gasp. The knot in her mouth was becoming soaked with her saliva, and some of it began to trickle around the gag and down her chin.

He tilted her face up so she could look him in the eyes. He looked so fierce, she almost couldn’t do it, but he held her fast.

“I am going to take you,” he said, his voice so low it vibrated in her chest, in her pussy.

You are…? Wait, her thoughts couldn’t get through to his mind. She probed, and realized he was blocking her from sending. It took her a moment, but all of a sudden she realized he wanted her to communicate only with her eyes, with her trembling, with her wetness. He was giving her a taste of their lovemaking as if she was a human girl.

The thought of being human with him, with no shortcuts, mind tricks, or sith strength, almost sent her over the edge with crazed lust. To be completely helpless with this man—not just pretending—would take her to heaven every day of her life!

She nodded, telling him with her lidded eyes to please, please, take her now! But he wasn’t quite finished torturing her, and that only made her want him more frantically.

“I am going to take you,” he said again. “I will take you, and it will be hard, and rough. I will do it because I can.” Then, his eyes softened for just a moment as he leaned close to her ear and whispered, “I will do it because I need you so much. You are my world.”

Oh my fucking goodness! She came right to the edge, her pussy throbbing so hard it felt afire.



We’ll finish this sweet little scene next week. And if you need to change your panties, go ahead. We’ll wait. Oh, you aren’t wearing any?

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  1. ” … mother of all fucking fuck–gods …” Obviously you have a microphone hidden in my car somewhere, as that is a verbatim transcription of my own all-purpose mantra in traffic. Seriously, Corey, great stuff, I approve, etc. Thank you for supporting the crawl!

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