Excerpt One from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood: Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy”. Moist things occur.


So here we are at the first excerpt from Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy, “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”. I hate when that happens. Betrayal, not excerpts.


We’ll start with sort-of the beginning of Book Two. Why “sort of”? Because Duncan and Kenzi have just been reunited after… well, things. What things? Some things. (I’ll be giving stuff away, like spoiler stuff, if I say more. Read Book One, and you’ll be up to speed.) I’ve also made some small edits to the excerpt, so as not to give away the aforementioned spoilers.

And since Duncan and Kenzi have been apart, and being the horndog sith that they are, well…

Oh, and in case you missed the cover reveal for Book Two:

——————————— Desire Book Two cover copy

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

  “I thought I’d lost you,” Duncan said, bringing his lips to her ear.

“I thought so, too,” Kenzi murmured, closing her eyes as his hot breath tickled the whorls of her delicate ear. “Both of us. Lost, I mean. Oh, hell.”

His heated breath was doing things to her, and she was having trouble focusing on speech. When he flicked the wet tip of his tongue against her earlobe, and began tracing the shell–like spirals of her ear with it, her knees buckled. He caught her, picked her up, and laid her on the bed. She saw the dark, promising look in his eyes as he stood over her in all his big hugeness.

“The bed’s all messy and bloody,” she said.

“I don’t care.”

“I’m all messy and bloody,” she said.

“I don’t care.”

Ohh. She had missed this Duncan. Her arms seemed to rise of their own accord, languid against the crimson–soaked pillow under her head, her wrists crossing above her head as if she was shackled. Maybe he would do that to her sometime for real. She trembled.

She saw his erection growing, right before her eyes, growing, growing, until it stood straight out, throbbing at her. She reveled that it was she who did this to him, that after all they’d been through, his response to her was immediate and fierce. And since they had been naked when [edited] begged him to spare her, she felt secret satisfaction that she had not seen him so much as twitch, even when confronted with [again, edited] flawless, topless beauty. He was hers!

“We should talk about what I did to you,” she said. “The thingy.” She didn’t really want to talk—the growing dampness between her thighs was telling her to shut the hell up and let him do terrible, delicious things to her.

“Later,” he said.


“Later.” He dove onto the bed, gripped her knees in his huge hands, spread her legs wide apart and raised them into the air, and plunged his tongue into her sex.

Okay, later. Mmm.

Duncan’s hands felt shivery rough on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. He slid his palms down towards her pussy, using his forearms to keep her legs spread and in the air above his head. When he dragged his fingers across the tendons at the innermost part of her thighs, and then to the outer lips of her mound, she arched her back and thrust her wetness against his seeking mouth.

Her nipples sprang to hardness, the rubbery points aching for his touch. His hands came up at that moment, his large fingers brushing across her nipples, back and forth, hardening them even more, sending tremors of exquisite agony through her, till she thought she would go mad in her need for release.

But he only flicked his fingers, and she caught the devilish glee in his mind as he teased her higher. Oh, she had missed this Duncan! He was not going to release her so soon, or so easily. That realization made her quiver and moan, as his lips and thrusting tongue continued their assault on her soaking quim.

Her fragrance filled the air, her salty feminine tang mixing with the scent of the coppery blood soaking the bed on which they lay. From his mind, she sensed his grunt of pleasure as his nostrils flared, breathing in her essence. She saw that he scented her as cinnamon spicy, and that gave her joy. And made her really, really wet that just her aroma could give him such pleasure.

Like the pleasure he was giving her. She fisted her small hands in his thick, lustrous hair, the individual strands sliding through her fingers like finest silk, and pulled him tighter against her. He obliged by plunging his tongue deep into her, making her cry out and arch her swollen breasts into his palms.

She caught his intention at the instant he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and squealed when he pinched them hard, bringing her fully up from the bed. Her belly clenched, and she slammed her legs closed against his head as she came, her liquid bursting from her. She worried it was too much, that he might not like it anymore after being apart for a month, but he drank of her like a man dying of thirst. And that just made her come more. Fully off the bed, every muscle in her body scrunched tight, she balanced on her round bottom as she held his head with her hands and knees.

And just when she thought she couldn’t come another drop, he slid a slippery wet finger into the tight, puckered ring of her ass, with no warning. It was like he’d lit the fuse on a rocket.

Sparks exploded across her vision, and she screamed, and creamed over and over into his waiting mouth. She needed him so bad! His cock in her mouth, her pussy, in her ass. Anywhere he wanted to put it. She just wanted him however he wanted to take her for his pleasure.

He rose up from between her thighs, his lips and chin wet with her essence, a big grin on his face as he watched the aftershocks of her orgasm still ripple through her.

When she could catch her breath and speak without shaking, she said, “You look pretty proud of yourself, stud.” Nope, words still came out breathy.

“You look very fuckable,” he said, observing her flushed face and chest, her wild red curls, her heaving breasts.

“Duncan!” she said, slapping the top of his head. “Wherever did you learn to speak such language? And to a lady, yet!”

“Mainly from you,” he said. “Let me rephrase—you look very fuckable, milady.”

“Much better,” she said.

He slid up her body, the oh–my–god hard muscles of his torso gliding up her belly and across her breasts. Her wetness was threatening to dehydrate her. And when the head of his rock–hard shaft slicked through her labia and flipped across her clit, it was like he’d rung a bell. She gasped out a breath, and he kept her oxygen deprived by pressing his lips to hers, plunging his tongue into her mouth and capturing hers.

His tongue thrust against hers, insistent, like the pulsing of his erection against her softest flesh. She was going out of her mind, and so soon after a colossal orgasm! And just when she was about to shout, “Put it in me, already!”, he did.

There was no buildup this time. Shoving into her with his hot, stiff, demanding rod, then pulling back and slamming forward, was all she needed. All she wanted. She went off again, throwing her arms around his neck, her claws shooting out from her fingers, her legs and ankles locking around his narrow, sculpted waist. She dug her heels into his firm, muscled butt and tried to pull him deeper into her.

He pulled back, till just the head of his cock remained at the entrance to her drenched core, and plunged into her again. And again. And again.

She screamed as her orgasm became her whole world. Her shriek set him off, his erection becoming impossibly huge, and he growled and grunted in her ear as he shot spurt after spurt of his boiling semen deep into her. She felt his thick cream splash against her inner walls, filling her more than she thought possible. It was hot, and thick, and she never wanted it to end.

“It won’t,” he rumbled in her ear, nuzzling her as the last jets of his orgasm filled her to overflowing. “I will always be with you.”

“You will?” She pulled back so she could look into his eyes, her emerald orbs flicking back and forth as she searched his face.

“Yes,” he said. “I plan to fill you in every way possible, for eternity.”

“Oh, Duncan,” she sighed, pulling him close to her.



So, yeah. How’d you like that one?

“Betrayed by Desire and Blood” is up for pre-order now at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble, and will release on May 22, 2014 there and on Amazon.

As for Book One, it’s at Amazon as well as the links above.


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  1. Holy Hell, Corey! What a mouthwatering post you have shared today. I’m glad to see some of book 2 of this trilogy. I’m dying to learn more about that little cliff-hanger you left at the very end of book 1. But of course you wouldn’t do that… because you enjoying being a tease.
    Anyway, really looking forward to more of this one and of course, it’s release date.

    • A tease? Moi? :)

      Thank you, LA, for your kind words. Yes, putting up the standard 15-20% sample on Smashwords, etc. would ruin the resolution of the end of Book One, so we’ll make do with these sexy excerpts. But May 22nd isn’t that far away, and then Book Two will be released, and all will be answered. Or most, anyway–there *is* a third book in the trilogy, after all. :)

    • Thank you, Jolynn. Duncan and Kenzi do have some bumps ahead in their journey to HEA. Some significant ones.

      In the meantime, they’ll not be able to keep their hands off each other. :)

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