Excerpt the Last from “Born of Desire and Blood”. You heard me.


So here it is: the last excerpt from “Born of Desire and Blood”. Because the book releases this Thursday April 24th, is why. But don’t worry, because the second book in my trilogy–“Betrayed by Desire and Blood: Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy” (noticing a pattern here?)–is all finished and I’ll begin posting excerpts from it next week.

In the meantime, let’s go out with a bang. Duncan is attempting to explain to Kenzi what could happen to her if he loses control of his sith beast when he is with her. Of course, Kenzi has her own ideas about things.


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“Look, Duncan,” Kenzi said, putting on her best I–know–what–I’m–talking–about face. “You wouldn’t hurt me. I know it in my bones.”

“Far be it from me to argue with your bones.” He smiled a little, and she brightened, but then he got that serious look again. “Kenzi, I don’t want anything to happen to you. If it did…” He trailed off.

“If it did, what?” She put her cheek against his hard pectoral. “What could happen to me? I trust you to always protect me.” She raised her head and gazed at him with all the solemnity of a woman who knows she’s right. “And I do okay taking care of myself, you know. Been doing it for a long time.”

He shook his head. “This is a different game now,” he said. “We are preparing to go against a formidable enemy. The last thing I need while I’m worrying about your safety with that, is to also be fretting that I could hurt you in a moment of debauched weakness.”

“‘Debauched’?” She burst into peals of laughter.

He pressed his lips together and waited until her mirth subsided, and said, “Yes, little one.”

Oooh. She liked that—little one.

He went on, “You just recently discovered your… er, sexuality, because of— Well, it doesn’t matter right now.”

She looked at him sharply. What had he been about to say? She opened her mouth to ask, but he continued on.

“What does matter is, for whatever reason your desires were kept in check before, they are released now.” He let out a breath, and she could feel and hear his steady, deep heartbeat. “Our kind are largely unable to keep their baser cravings in check. From the Making, all sith seek extreme hedonistic pursuits.” He looked a little discomfited. “Blood, of course, is pursuit number one. But sex is a close second.” His discomfort grew. “Kenzi, I’ve seen things—”

“Ooh! Tell me about them!”

“I’m being serious now,” he chided her, but all she could do was beam at him, so a smile touched his lips for a moment. “An out of control sith is a fearsome spectacle. An out of control male sith is even worse.” He curled his lips in chagrin. “And then there is me.”

She stroked his rocklike biceps, bulging as he held her off the ground. Wasn’t he getting tired of holding her weight? “You won’t hurt me,” she said, giving him one quick nod of her unwavering belief in him.

His answering smile made her tummy go liquid. “I appreciate your faith in me, but there are things you don’t know…” Again he trailed off.

She frowned at him. “What? What aren’t you telling me?”

He gazed at her long moments. Finally he said, “Do you trust me?”

“You know I do.”

“Then I’m going to ask you to trust me on this.” And somehow he was holding her up with one hand, while his other came up and stroked the length of her spine.

She shivered, and felt herself getting wet again. “No fair, bub!” she protested. “You don’t play fair!”

“Chalk it up to me being a beast,” he said. His hand paused at the small of her back. “Will you do that?”

Her eyes had closed. “Mmm… What?”

“Will you trust me on this?” he said. She knew he was waiting for her reply, but couldn’t quite get the words out, could only moan. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he said.

“Ahhh…” She tried to focus on his face and ignore his stroking. And he was getting erect inside her again.

“Does it at least mean we still get to do this?” she asked, letting her right hand go between their bodies, her index and second fingers spreading to either side of his hardening shaft, and stroking it with the strong grip of her fingers.

“Kenzi…” The word was both a warning and a promise. His eyes closed, and his erection jumped inside her.

She tried reasoning with him, while she had his shaft imprisoned between her sith fingers. “You said we sith can’t control ourselves, and that someone like me will be really out of control, right?” He grunted, his hips beginning to move, so she took that as assent. “Then what better way to keep me in control, than to keep me close and fuck me a whole lot?”

His eyes flew open. “Kenzi!”

“Oh, don’t be such an altar boy!” she said, stroking him fast and clamping her fingers tighter around his soft skin. Her voice softened. “Don’t you like it when I talk like that?”

“Er…” he mumbled. She could see he was having a lot of trouble focusing on her words, and that pleased her no end. Two can play this game, Mister! She wiggled her fingers against him while she fondled him, began to undulate her pelvis. His cock leaped inside her.

“Duncan…” she murmured, drawing her lips to his ear, her pussy getting moister by the second. Her tummy muscles clenched. “We can make love. We can also fuck. There’s nothing wrong with that. You like fucking me, don’t you? You like the feel of your hard cock in my very wet pussy, don’t you?” She was making herself hotter with all this naughty talk, and she could tell from the way he was swelling inside her that she was getting to him, too, no matter how formal he tried to act with her. Her hips sped up.

A harsh growl rasped from his throat, and Duncan lifted her into the air, holding her aloft with his massive arms. She thought she had offended him with her dirty talk, but no! He tossed her in the air a few inches, caught her in his big hands as he adjusted his grip, and pressed her pussy to his mouth!

“Oh fuck!” she shrieked. He was holding her in the air, his giant hands part under her ass, part on her hip bones, and his tongue was circling her pussy lips. She grabbed his head and held on. Maybe later she would want him to be more subtle, but now—

“Duncan! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she squealed as his tongue found her clit. She came hard and gushed her honey into his waiting mouth. Her cum, mixed with his from before. She worried for a second, but he drank it all, groaning deep vibrato into her pussy.

“Oh, holy fuck!” she cried, her brain melting at how sexy he was. “Duncan! Please!”

He needed no further urging. Once more flinging her into the air, he flipped her around as he caught her, turned her so she faced away from him, wrapped one granite arm around her waist, the other across her hanging breasts, and plunged himself into her from behind!

Fuck!” she screamed. “Oh, Duncan! Oh!”

She hung there from his arms, impaled on his cock, her own limbs flailing mindlessly in her scorching arousal. He began moving her back and forth on his heavy shaft, and it pressed inside her. He let very little of her weight hang—just enough so that she could feel the strength of his cock, and how it pushed against the thin wall between her pussy and rectum. The sensation was one she’d never felt, and it was driving her out of her mind!

Her clit began to burn and jerk, and she was so close…

Suddenly Duncan pressed his thumb against her anus, at the same moment angling her body so that the turgid head of his cock hit her G–spot. The two sensations—the forbidden and the mind–blowing—made her see stars against her closed eyelids while her body tightened and her back arched.

Duncan bellowed a wordless howl, and began pumping more of his hot cum into her. At that same moment, she shuddered and gushed a scalding stream of her nectar back onto him, her orgasm shaking her so violently that it was all Duncan could do to hang onto her.

He raised her up so that her back was against his muscular torso, and held her close while she trembled in the aftershocks. He put his large hand against her throat, and gently drew her head back against his shoulder, kissing her forehead soft as gossamer.

After a few minutes her shaking ebbed. She had never felt this before. What was the word? Sated. That was it. What a lovely word.



I hope you’ve been enjoying the excerpts from “Born”, and will come back next week for a fresh excerpt from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”.

And if you’d like to know where to get “Born of Desire and Blood”, visit my Books page for full info.


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14 thoughts on “Excerpt the Last from “Born of Desire and Blood”. You heard me.

  1. Wow … I knew you’d go out with a BANG … really enjoyed the entire scene!! I do look forward to reading this (in order) and will buy TOMORROW!! Excuse me, did she call him bub? :)

  2. Wow…just wow…Sated? How about ‘turned on’? Those are lovely words too. I don’t think I can work under these conditions. And it doesn’t come out until tomorrow? Thanks, Corey. Thanks a lot. lol

    • “Turned on”–are we talking about Kenzi here, or…? :)

      Yes, tomorrow the 24th release will occur. You may interpret that how you like. 😀

  3. Hi, Corey. I wanted to tell you that I fell asleep with your book last night. I’m about 30% into it, and I am really enjoying it thus far. Duncan is a hell of a Hunk! ~grins~
    I started to read your excerpt here but stopped myself because I don’t want to read to far ahead.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying my book, LA. (Note to blog readers: LA won Book Giveaway #2 and received a free copy of “Born”.)

      Yes, since I write slow-build and long scenes, the excerpts show only part of the overall picture. :)

  4. Sometimes ‘fuck’ just sums up one’s reaction and feelings better than anything else. I enjoyed this a lot! Very hot. The dialog between them flows well, and though she’s playful and he’s trying to be serious at least for awhile, their words are perfect.

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