Excerpt Six from “Born of Desire and Blood”. Yep, it’s got THAT in it.


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This week we’ll continue with the warm sweaty stuff (except sith don’t sweat). You may remember my excerpt a couple of weeks ago, where Duncan was frozen in place, afraid making any move towards Kenzi could potentially cause her great harm.

Yeah. How’s that working out for ya, Duncan?


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Damn you, Duncan Munroe!

She stood right in front of him now, so close that the burning tips of her breasts almost touched his sculpted abs. What was wrong with him? He obviously wanted her—she was amazed his jeans could contain what she was seeing. And if she wasn’t getting so pissed, she’d be running her fingertips down its length, just to see if that was all him.

She waited, looking him in the eye, and her scrambled awareness still told her minutes passed. Enough was enough.

Asshole!” she hissed, and turned and walked away.


Duncan’s heart crashed. She was walking away!

He could take it no longer. Every particle of his being roared at him to take her now. To claim her as his female. Now and forever!

His vaunted logic crumbled to dust, and the beast howled to life. No shades of gray; she was his, and he would have her! Nothing of intellect showed in his eyes; he was animal. He reached out and grabbed her arm before she moved out of reach, and yanked her around to face him.


Kenzi gasped as the room spun. Duncan’s hand was on her upper arm, and he was rough. He hauled her around as if she were no weightier than a rag doll.

Her heart buffeted her ribs as a shiver of fear took her. But the moment she saw the look in his ravenous eyes—eyes that were darkening through cobalt as she watched—her breath caught, and her legs went from under her. The waves of desire rolling from him tossed her thoughts like driftwood on deep ocean crests.

Duncan caught her before she fell and crushed her to him, one massive arm around her lower back, the other across her shoulder blades. Her soft breasts mashed against his granite abdominal muscles. Her nipples tightened to points at the abrupt contact with his body. His heavy erection pressed into her heated belly. She couldn’t breathe.

He whirled her around and crashed her back into the wall, cracking the plaster. She was glad of her sith near–invulnerability, that she could take this. That he was wrong when he had said she couldn’t. She wanted more!

Let yourself go, Duncan! Don’t hold back anymore!

She clawed at him, at his swollen biceps—were they even bigger than before?—at his enormous chest, at his face. She was only vaguely aware that her nails had lengthened as she scratched and tore at his skin, blood flowing, fumbling to seize his head and draw him closer.

But he already knew what she wanted, because it was the same thing he wanted, and his lips met hers with an impact that rattled her teeth and cut the inside of her lips. She tasted the copper of her own blood. She bit his lip, and moaned when his blood mingled with hers.

His tongue intruded into her mouth. She sighed, and pressed up tighter against him, her claws shredding the back of his shirt to rags, and his skin to ribbons. Her tongue played with his, loving the way he thrust into her, even his very tongue letting her know he would have her his way, on his terms, for as long as he chose. Every muscle in her body clenched hard at that thought.

Her pussy flooded as she came at his power, her breasts gone full and heavy, areola drawn up tight against his rocklike muscles. Still he kissed her, his nostrils flaring at the sweet fragrance of her. She could not draw breath, and didn’t care. Her hands went to the back of his head, to his neck, and she tightened her clawed fingers into his thick black hair. He was fully supporting her now, squeezing her to him, and she let him hold her while her hands roamed through his dense locks, loving the feel of them being both coarse and silken at the same time.

She sank her hips against him, her belly pressing against his urgent erection. His cock. The word was delicious in her mind, both forbidden and swollen with promise.

She could wait no longer. Now, Duncan!



Was that good for you?

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12 thoughts on “Excerpt Six from “Born of Desire and Blood”. Yep, it’s got THAT in it.

  1. “even his very tongue letting her know he would have her his way, on his terms, for as long as he chose”.
    Yes, this was good for me. :) I think I need a cigarette now, and I don’t smoke.

  2. Damn that was a hotter than hell excerpt. I love the carnality. Something about those animal instincts and the lust portrayed when one’s mind is focused only on that ‘one’ thought drives me insane.
    You certainly create a powerful tease, Corey!

  3. Hmmm – yes I do remember the snippet – he was worried he could hurt her. Today, they’re cracking plaster. Not that I’m complaining … I enjoy a good “wall crashing” now and then, and you did one HELL of a job describing it. But more important, when are we getting back to the tub with the jets??? I’ve been waiting patiently, Mr. Harper :)

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