Excerpt Four–and a cover reveal!–from “Born of Desire and Blood: Book One of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy”


For those of you who have been wondering what I do with my days, I can finally reveal the title–and the cover–of Book One of my paranormal erotic romance trilogy. Thank you, Sheri and Trent.

In this week’s excerpt, Duncan explains to Kenzi what they are, and how they came to be.

But first:

Desire Book One cover v3


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Duncan chose his next words, seeking not to offend her. “You said you hadn’t much knowledge of the lore of our kind.” At her somewhat confused nod, he went on, “We are—all of us dark creatures—children of the Progenitor, the first baobhan sith.”

Baa–van shee,” Kenzi mimicked the Scottish words. “Not—?”

“Baobhan sith predates any other term from our homeland for what we are,” he said. “We are sith, and we are children of the Progenitor, our Creator, our Maker.”

“Hmm,” she said. Her eyes lit up. “Oh wait—I remember! My father told my sister and me stories when I was little, to make us behave.  He said we needed to stay out of the deep woods, or the baobhan sith would get us.”

“Those old tales were mostly passed around by deer hunters,” Duncan said, “who were said to have been seduced and then drained of blood by beautiful fairy women. Truth be told, the baobhan sith weren’t always discriminating in their kills—blood is blood.”

“They were women? My father didn’t mention that, just that they were monsters that would kill my sister and me.”

“Male sith kill and feed just as females do, but all Makers are women,” Duncan said. “As was the Progenitor. That is how our kind is born. From the female sith. And only from her.” He paused. “Male sith can only kill.”

Kenzi frowned. “I was attacked by… so many of them.” She started to shake. “I couldn’t tell which of them… bit me. But you say the Making can only come from a female?”

“Yes.” Duncan’s throat tightened as her dread grew, and his heart caught. He moved to her and put his arms around her to calm her. She laid her head on his chest, still trembling. He felt her reluctance to move so close to him, but the fears warring within her from her darkest memories pushed her to seek his arms.

Kenzi thought about what he had said. “So to un–Make myself—and you—we have to find the female baobhan sith that Made me? And kill her?”

“That’s right.”


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