Excerpt from Work-in-Progress: Book One of Erotic Paranormal Romance Trilogy



Here’s an excerpt for the RTK Dungeon Crawl, from Book One of my upcoming trilogy, an erotic paranormal D/s romance with a variety of delightfully naughty perversions that Duncan and Kenzi–my hero and heroine–get up to.

In the following snippet, Duncan has just given chase across the Northern California hillsides, and captured an impish and naughty Kenzi.

And by the way, Duncan and Kenzi are special, in an immortal, nearly-invulnerable sort of way. What way? You’ll find out when Book One releases this spring.


Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

“Now what am I to do with my naughty little girl?” Duncan wondered, looking sternly at Kenzi.

“Oooh,” Kenzi sighed, going limp under his darkening gaze. “Anything you want.”

Without warning, Duncan flipped her over and threw her across his knees, her naked bottom upwards, her belly lying against his left leg, her heavy breasts hanging.

“What… what are you doing?” Kenzi half–giggled, half–trembled. But he could hear her heart race as he stroked his hand across the smooth skin of her buttocks, so he knew her fear was the kind she had sought from him.

“What happens to all naughty girls,” he said, deepening his voice, and she rewarded him with another shiver. He caressed her bottom more firmly.

“Will it hurt?”

“Do you want it to?”

She was silent a moment, then said in a small voice, “Yes.”


“Does that make me a slut?”

He bent forward and kissed her left ass cheek, then the right. He slid his tongue across both, then down the cleft between. He paused a moment at the tight rosette, gave it a flick with his tongue, and she jumped, then quivered like a trapped fawn.

“It makes you my slut,” he growled.


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18 thoughts on “Excerpt from Work-in-Progress: Book One of Erotic Paranormal Romance Trilogy

  1. “Will it hurt?”

    “Do you want it to?”

    *Love* that, making her think/answer/admit. Mind fuck 101? Moar. Great to see you on the crawl! Thanks for snippetizing (is that a word?) with us!

  2. Yes, it does make you a “slut”, but in my parlance, that word is anything but a pejorative. Great clip, Corey.

    BTW, to anyone else reading this, you need to follow Corey’s Tumblr feed. Holy Depraved Smut, Batman…

    Glad to have you with us, Corey. Hope to see more next week!

    • Thank you, Trent. I do plan to post again next week.

      As far as my Tumblr feed, I should put a “Light and get away” warning on it…

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