This is what you are getting into here…

This site is 18/21+. Certain content will beĀ explicit and NSFW, especially on my blog. By clicking through, you verify that you are of legal age for your area, and that you consent to view such content.

This site discusses topics that are relevant to my writing of erotic romance novels, and that of my author friends. Very little makes us blush. Even less will shock us. Language will be used. Intense language. Explicit language. Things your momma said would get your mouth washed out with soap and your soul sent to hell.

I am a Dom (that’s a male dominant to the uninitiated). Most everything here will have the flavor of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination & submission, Sadism & masochism. Yes, some of the letters do double duty.) Everything will have the taste of D/s (Domination and submission, primarily Male-dominant, female-submissive).

Look at the relatively mild picture below. If it freaks you out–in a bad way–this is not the site for you, so you should go somewhere else right now. If it makes you feel kind of warm and quivery, welcome.