Excerpt One from “Legacy of Desire and Blood”. Here we go…


We’re in the home stretch with the “Baobhan Sith Trilogy”, folks–first of four final excerpts from Book Three to finish out the series. (Then I haven’t a clue what I’m going to post–maybe something about cows with mud boogers hanging from their noses since they seem to be popular, eh, Sheri?)


Our intrepid hero and heroine have just done some (spoiler) things, and are now making a quick stop before doing some more (spoiler) things.

And since you know they are crazy-mad for each other, it won’t be long before… well, you know.

And BTW, if you haven’t seen the cover for Book Three yet:

Desire Book Three cover v2 (2) (427x640)

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books


Duncan pulled the car into a spot in front of one of the taller buildings on the west side of the street, where the SUV could be in the shade. Wisps of afternoon fog were just starting to paint pearl–gray streaks in the blue sky, but had not yet blocked the sun.

Kenzi looked out his window at the store they had parked near. “Women’s athletic clothing?” she said.

“It’s the most practical apparel for our current vigorous lifestyle.”

“That’s logical Duncan talking.”

He took her hand. “I like the way you look in spandex.”

“Oh,” she said, smiling. “Do you really?”

He traced his big thumb across the back of her hand, circling each knuckle. “It makes my blood boil when I see you in it.”

“Wow. Spandex it is, then.” Kenzi tilted her head towards the back seat. “What about them?”

Duncan was careful not to turn and look. “I think they’ll be fine. We’ll keep an ear out in case they change their minds and try to kill each other.”

Duncan lifted the lid on the center console compartment, reached his hand inside. Kenzi saw his fingers tapping a complex rhythm underneath the lip of the compartment, and the entire console compartment clicked and lifted an inch. Duncan pulled it up. Inside was a steel–lined box, filled with cash. Kenzi’s eyes goggled.

“You drive a bank vault around?” she said.

He gave a short chuckle, then looked grim. “Malcolm has no doubt seized as many of my assets as he can find. We don’t have time for me to sort through them. But it’s fine—I’ve stashed currency and gold here and there over the years as a precaution for emergencies.”

“Like buying me clothes.” She leaned over the cash–filled compartment and kissed his cheek.

“That’s emergency number one.” He let his hand trail down her spine, and across the soft curve of her bottom, gave her a soft pat that nevertheless made her jump.

Duncan gathered up what Kenzi thought was an absurd amount of cash just for clothing, and stuffed it into the pocket of his jeans. The two of them got out of the car and kept to the shade as they crossed the sidewalk towards the clothing shop.

It was strange, being among regular humans again. Until that moment, Kenzi hadn’t realized how long it had been—was it in Maine, with Otis and his son, that she had last shared space with mortals?

And certainly it had been prior to her newly–awakened craving to feed on warm, living beings. Crossing the sidewalk, dodging pedestrians going about their day, was more difficult than a child passing a chocolate shop without demanding to go in.

Her nostrils flared without her thinking about it, taking in all that delicious warm blood aroma.

“Steady, little one,” Duncan said. He took her hand and squeezed it. She encircled his first two fingers with her small hand and clung to him, drawing her strength from his seemingly endless willpower.

“You asked me earlier if I’d mind giving up being… what we are,” she whispered to him. “More than ever, I want this craving to stop. I can’t stand it!”

“We’ll do whatever we need to do to get there,” he promised her, leading her into the clothing boutique.

Once inside the quiet shop, Kenzi relaxed a little. Only one other female patron was browsing the racks of clothing, and the twenty–something sales clerk sat on a chair behind the counter, reading on her phone. Though both humans smelled yummy, it was less overwhelming than the dozens of people she’d scented outside the shop.

Then Kenzi noticed something as Duncan closed the door behind them: both women came to attention like someone had clapped their hands. The clerk looked up from her reading, and the other shopper froze with a sports bra in her hand. Both women locked their eyes on Duncan.

Kenzi realized she had never seen him among human females, and had never pondered the effect he might have on them. The looks the women were giving him were far more intense than a female might normally give a handsome, muscular man.

Kenzi turned partly away from the women and murmured, “They’re staring at you.”

Duncan looked at her, then around the shop. “Oh. Right. That happens.” He lowered his voice. “It’s a male sith pheromone thing. Makes being a predator that much easier.”

Kenzi could hear the women’s pulses speeding up, see their pupils dilating. Her nostrils flared, and this time not from the scent of blood.

“Umm, we should probably do this quickly, and go,” Kenzi said, sliding her arm through his and pulling herself close to him.

He put his hand atop hers. “You don’t need to rush, sweetness. It will take James awhile to arrive with his delivery. Take your time.”

Oh yeah, right. With another look at the two women, who were all but drooling as they eyed Duncan, Kenzi went to the first rack she came to and started pulling hangers off, tossing the clothing items over her arm. She went to a second rack and did the same.

The clerk stood from behind the counter and came towards them. Her eyes stayed on Duncan the entire time, even when she stood in front of them and asked, “How may I help you today?”

“You may—” Even when Kenzi spoke, the woman didn’t pull her eyes from Duncan, who was looking absently at the array of athletic wear, seemingly unaware of the attention he was receiving. Kenzi stood directly in front of Duncan, between his towering bulk and the salivating clerk.

“Yes, you may help,” Kenzi said, shoving the armload of clothing at the girl. “I’d like to try these on.”

“What?” the clerk said, pulling her eyes from Duncan with obvious reluctance, to more or less focus on Kenzi. “Oh, yes, of course, ma’am. I’ll take these to the fitting room.” Her gaze drifted back to Duncan, and she moved a step closer to him, her chest rising as she breathed him in. “Will there be anything else, sir? I mean, ma’am?”

Ma’am? Kenzi looked younger than even this little slip of a thing. And certainly a lot meaner, if the trollop kept eyeing Duncan the way she was.

Now the other patron came over. “I could use some help, too,” she said, talking to the clerk but looking at Duncan.

This was getting ridiculous. Neither the clerk nor the other customer had even noticed that Kenzi was barefoot, and clad only in a man’s shirt with a belt around the waist. It was Sebastopol, after all, but still. In another minute the two harpies would be crawling all over him, and Kenzi didn’t trust herself not to flick one or both of them across the little shop. And Duncan was apparently oblivious to the whole thing as he looked at a rack of yoga pants. He pulled out two pair, one in royal purple, the other emerald green.

“Like your eyes,” he smiled as he handed the green ones to her.

She checked the tag—the sweet man had handed her size six—switched them for the same colors in her size, faced back towards Duncan. She’d turned her back for ten seconds, and the two overheated women had moved even closer to him. And he was looking at tops now, still unaware that he was the center of attention. She had to get him away from them before someone ended up bloody.

“Duncan, will you help me?” Kenzi said, taking the armload of clothing back from the clerk, who had made no move towards the fitting room.

“Of course, sweetness,” he said, plucking the bundle from her.

In his massive arms, her selection of garb looked tiny, an observation not lost on the other two women either.

“That’s okay,” Kenzi said to the clerk. “He’ll help me.”

“Are you sure?” the clerk said, turning a little sidelong to Duncan and— Good heavens, was she thrusting her rear towards him?

Kenzi grabbed Duncan’s hand. “Yes, it’s fine. Why don’t you help this nice woman here?”

“I’d rather help you,” the clerk said, not even pretending to look at Kenzi this time.

Okay, that was enough! Kenzi knew Duncan’s feelings on the matter, but desperate times. “You help this woman,” Kenzi said, the music of the Binding creeping into her voice. “Now. Be off with you.”

The girl shifted her gaze to Kenzi, who had tried to keep the darkness from tinting her eyes. She didn’t think she’d been entirely successful, because the clerk shrank back a little as her eyes widened. But still she didn’t move from Duncan’s right side, and the other woman flanked his left side.

Criminy! What kind of spell was Duncan casting here, that even her Binding couldn’t punch through?

He had frowned down at her when he heard the melody in her voice.

Don’t you dare look at me like that! Don’t you see what you’re doing to these women?

I… Oh. No, hadn’t noticed. Sorry, my darling. Hang on…

Duncan smiled at the two women on either side of him. “Ladies,” he said. “I am going to assist the love of my life with her fitting. You,” to the clerk, “help her,” the customer, “now.”

Both women came to attention like he’d slapped them, and with looks that reeked of disappointment, but still held hope, the clerk led the other woman to racks at the far end of the store.

“I apologize again, my sweet,” Duncan said to her, taking her hand in his free one. “I haven’t been around human females in some time.”

“I thought they were going to rape you!”

He laughed, a full male sound from deep in his belly that made Kenzi and the two women turn towards him. “Not a chance, darling. I only have nose for you,” he said, flaring his nostrils and breathing her in. “If anyone is to be taken advantage of here, it will be you.”

She held his gaze with her own, her emerald eyes sparkling. A moment longer, then she dropped her eyes. “I dare you,” she whispered.

His eyes went from that startling azure to midnight in an instant. He pulled her hand, towing her towards the rear of the shop.

His hand was so hot in hers that she thought she would light ablaze. Every cell in her body began tingling. What was he going to do?



Yes, actually, I do like teasing you all (just in case you were wondering).

But don’t worry, there’s more to come (and yes, that will be spelled both ways).

And don’t forget Book Two is out now on Amazon. Book Three will be released June 19th, and is in pre-release on Smashwords.

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Desire Book Two cover copy

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Excerpt One from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood: Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy”. Moist things occur.


So here we are at the first excerpt from Book Two of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy, “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”. I hate when that happens. Betrayal, not excerpts.


We’ll start with sort-of the beginning of Book Two. Why “sort of”? Because Duncan and Kenzi have just been reunited after… well, things. What things? Some things. (I’ll be giving stuff away, like spoiler stuff, if I say more. Read Book One, and you’ll be up to speed.) I’ve also made some small edits to the excerpt, so as not to give away the aforementioned spoilers.

And since Duncan and Kenzi have been apart, and being the horndog sith that they are, well…

Oh, and in case you missed the cover reveal for Book Two:

——————————— Desire Book Two cover copy

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

  “I thought I’d lost you,” Duncan said, bringing his lips to her ear.

“I thought so, too,” Kenzi murmured, closing her eyes as his hot breath tickled the whorls of her delicate ear. “Both of us. Lost, I mean. Oh, hell.”

His heated breath was doing things to her, and she was having trouble focusing on speech. When he flicked the wet tip of his tongue against her earlobe, and began tracing the shell–like spirals of her ear with it, her knees buckled. He caught her, picked her up, and laid her on the bed. She saw the dark, promising look in his eyes as he stood over her in all his big hugeness.

“The bed’s all messy and bloody,” she said.

“I don’t care.”

“I’m all messy and bloody,” she said.

“I don’t care.”

Ohh. She had missed this Duncan. Her arms seemed to rise of their own accord, languid against the crimson–soaked pillow under her head, her wrists crossing above her head as if she was shackled. Maybe he would do that to her sometime for real. She trembled.

She saw his erection growing, right before her eyes, growing, growing, until it stood straight out, throbbing at her. She reveled that it was she who did this to him, that after all they’d been through, his response to her was immediate and fierce. And since they had been naked when [edited] begged him to spare her, she felt secret satisfaction that she had not seen him so much as twitch, even when confronted with [again, edited] flawless, topless beauty. He was hers!

“We should talk about what I did to you,” she said. “The thingy.” She didn’t really want to talk—the growing dampness between her thighs was telling her to shut the hell up and let him do terrible, delicious things to her.

“Later,” he said.


“Later.” He dove onto the bed, gripped her knees in his huge hands, spread her legs wide apart and raised them into the air, and plunged his tongue into her sex.

Okay, later. Mmm.

Duncan’s hands felt shivery rough on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. He slid his palms down towards her pussy, using his forearms to keep her legs spread and in the air above his head. When he dragged his fingers across the tendons at the innermost part of her thighs, and then to the outer lips of her mound, she arched her back and thrust her wetness against his seeking mouth.

Her nipples sprang to hardness, the rubbery points aching for his touch. His hands came up at that moment, his large fingers brushing across her nipples, back and forth, hardening them even more, sending tremors of exquisite agony through her, till she thought she would go mad in her need for release.

But he only flicked his fingers, and she caught the devilish glee in his mind as he teased her higher. Oh, she had missed this Duncan! He was not going to release her so soon, or so easily. That realization made her quiver and moan, as his lips and thrusting tongue continued their assault on her soaking quim.

Her fragrance filled the air, her salty feminine tang mixing with the scent of the coppery blood soaking the bed on which they lay. From his mind, she sensed his grunt of pleasure as his nostrils flared, breathing in her essence. She saw that he scented her as cinnamon spicy, and that gave her joy. And made her really, really wet that just her aroma could give him such pleasure.

Like the pleasure he was giving her. She fisted her small hands in his thick, lustrous hair, the individual strands sliding through her fingers like finest silk, and pulled him tighter against her. He obliged by plunging his tongue deep into her, making her cry out and arch her swollen breasts into his palms.

She caught his intention at the instant he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and squealed when he pinched them hard, bringing her fully up from the bed. Her belly clenched, and she slammed her legs closed against his head as she came, her liquid bursting from her. She worried it was too much, that he might not like it anymore after being apart for a month, but he drank of her like a man dying of thirst. And that just made her come more. Fully off the bed, every muscle in her body scrunched tight, she balanced on her round bottom as she held his head with her hands and knees.

And just when she thought she couldn’t come another drop, he slid a slippery wet finger into the tight, puckered ring of her ass, with no warning. It was like he’d lit the fuse on a rocket.

Sparks exploded across her vision, and she screamed, and creamed over and over into his waiting mouth. She needed him so bad! His cock in her mouth, her pussy, in her ass. Anywhere he wanted to put it. She just wanted him however he wanted to take her for his pleasure.

He rose up from between her thighs, his lips and chin wet with her essence, a big grin on his face as he watched the aftershocks of her orgasm still ripple through her.

When she could catch her breath and speak without shaking, she said, “You look pretty proud of yourself, stud.” Nope, words still came out breathy.

“You look very fuckable,” he said, observing her flushed face and chest, her wild red curls, her heaving breasts.

“Duncan!” she said, slapping the top of his head. “Wherever did you learn to speak such language? And to a lady, yet!”

“Mainly from you,” he said. “Let me rephrase—you look very fuckable, milady.”

“Much better,” she said.

He slid up her body, the oh–my–god hard muscles of his torso gliding up her belly and across her breasts. Her wetness was threatening to dehydrate her. And when the head of his rock–hard shaft slicked through her labia and flipped across her clit, it was like he’d rung a bell. She gasped out a breath, and he kept her oxygen deprived by pressing his lips to hers, plunging his tongue into her mouth and capturing hers.

His tongue thrust against hers, insistent, like the pulsing of his erection against her softest flesh. She was going out of her mind, and so soon after a colossal orgasm! And just when she was about to shout, “Put it in me, already!”, he did.

There was no buildup this time. Shoving into her with his hot, stiff, demanding rod, then pulling back and slamming forward, was all she needed. All she wanted. She went off again, throwing her arms around his neck, her claws shooting out from her fingers, her legs and ankles locking around his narrow, sculpted waist. She dug her heels into his firm, muscled butt and tried to pull him deeper into her.

He pulled back, till just the head of his cock remained at the entrance to her drenched core, and plunged into her again. And again. And again.

She screamed as her orgasm became her whole world. Her shriek set him off, his erection becoming impossibly huge, and he growled and grunted in her ear as he shot spurt after spurt of his boiling semen deep into her. She felt his thick cream splash against her inner walls, filling her more than she thought possible. It was hot, and thick, and she never wanted it to end.

“It won’t,” he rumbled in her ear, nuzzling her as the last jets of his orgasm filled her to overflowing. “I will always be with you.”

“You will?” She pulled back so she could look into his eyes, her emerald orbs flicking back and forth as she searched his face.

“Yes,” he said. “I plan to fill you in every way possible, for eternity.”

“Oh, Duncan,” she sighed, pulling him close to her.



So, yeah. How’d you like that one?

“Betrayed by Desire and Blood” is up for pre-order now at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble, and will release on May 22, 2014 there and on Amazon.

As for Book One, it’s at Amazon as well as the links above.


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Smashwords Interview

I get the occasional question about myself, and thought I’d post here my recent interview for Smashwords. Comment and let me know what you think.

Corey Harper on Smashwords


So. You’re a guy?

And you write romance novels?
That’s right.

Umm… Aren’t most writers and readers of romance novels women?
I read a statistic once that it was in the neighborhood of 80% female readers.I know over a hundred romance writers; two of them are male.

What kind of romance novels do you write?
My debut trilogy is an erotic paranormal romance, with a strong D/s dynamic.

Really? How can you write for women? Are you… er… that is to say…
I’m heteroflexible.

Okay. So you like women most of the time, you write romantic porn—
I’ll stop you right there. While everyone has their own definition of what constitutes erotica, versus porn, I’ll give you my perspective. Just porn doesn’t do it for me. Never has. You toss a couple of naked bodies on a bed in a story, with no buildup or tension, no preamble, you’re going to leave me cold.

You sure you’re a guy?
My whole life.

Can you describe what you write?
Of course. I start with the mind—whether in my stories, or in real life. For me, there is no eroticism without engaging the brain first and foremost. And for quite awhile before anything else happens.

What do you mean?
It’s in my profile, but I’ll elaborate. I am a Dom—

A what?
A male dominant.

You mean like whips and ropes, “Fifty Shades” stuff?
Not at all. I certainly appreciate that part of BDSM, but that’s not my personal focus, nor the focus of my stories.

So no bondage?
I said it wasn’t the focus—there is indeed bondage, and spanking, and quite a few other kinky activities.

Then how are you different than whips and ropes? And why would any woman pick up your books, much less buy them?
Because my personal philosophy—again, both in my stories and in life—is that a submissive woman (which is what my heroines are) must feel cherished and protected above ANYTHING else. She is not an object to be used and discarded, or treated unfairly, or ignored. She is the most important thing in the hero’s life, and he will take a bullet for her before he lets anything happen to her. My goal in writing my characters is that they are not perfect, and they can argue and fight, but at their very cores they have a deep and abiding respect for each other, and as the story goes forward, love.

That sounds like intense romance.
I write it the way I feel it.

So the characters do have sex, though?
Of course. Quite a lot of it, as a matter of fact. And it gets pretty darn kinky. But I write the way I like to live—a slow build, lots of romantic and erotic tension, until my characters reach the point that they just can’t fight it any more.

Sounds like mental foreplay.
Correct. And that goes back to what we talked about earlier, which is that sex always starts in the brain for me. I don’t separate it from love. My characters don’t do casual hookups. For readers who like a slow build, an increasingly heating passion, a fiercely protective hero, a heroine who may start out a bit flaky but grows and matures as the story progresses, then my trilogy will be just the right story for that reader.

So your story is mainly romance and sex?
The main thrust of my story is the developing love between the hero and his lady. And yes, lots of sex that arises out of that love. But there is an adventure that they have together, moments of action and danger, and a big conclusion in Book Three of the trilogy. I promise in my profile that I always write with a Happily Ever After ending. But I don’t promise that it won’t be hell getting there. It is a paranormal romance, after all.

What would you say to women who might still be hesitant to pick up a romance novel written by a man?
I would say this: Ladies, read the book sample. Go to my blog and read the articles on BDSM and D/s that I’ve written; and not just the articles, but the comments after the articles. Come have a look at me on Facebook, both my author page and my personal one. Comment on my blog or send me a tweet; I can’t promise that I can answer everyone, but I read everything everyone sends me. If you’re feeling brave, you can even come hunt me up on Fetlife. If you still aren’t convinced, drop me a note and tell me why, because I’d love to hear from you.

Corey Harper on Smashwords