Excerpt Three from Work-in-Progress: Book One of Erotic Paranormal Romance Trilogy


My thanks once again to Sheri and Trent for inviting me back for this week’s Dungeon Crawl. I hope you are all enjoying the excerpts, and not getting too impatient for the book to be released.

I’ve chosen an excerpt for this week that takes place immediately after Duncan and Kenzi have experienced something… well, for now, I will call it significant, and it is what Duncan was concerned about in last week’s excerpt. Kenzi has become a mostly-voluntary guest at Duncan’s mansion in Marin County, and after the significant event, she has decided to relax with a hot bath in Duncan’s sumptuous guest suite, while Duncan is off consulting with his right-hand man.


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The concept of the water’s warmth was as good as Kenzi could do; she could not actually feel it the way a human could. For whatever reason her nerves had become ragged, the fragrant hot water soothed them now.

Kenzi leaned back against the curved and sloped backrest of the tub, discovered it was padded and self–heating. She let her arms rest on the cool marble deck, enjoying the contrast with the hot water surrounding her body. Her fingers brushed three matte steel buttons inset into the marble edge. She pressed one, and was rewarded with a gush of bubbles from the four side jets that churned the water into froth and reanimated the fragrance from the bath salts. She pushed the second button, and the jet at the opposite end of the tub fired up, lancing a stream of bubbles directly between her parted legs, to the apex of her inner thighs.

“Yow!” she yelped, jumping partway up, thought a moment, decided it wasn’t that bad. She settled back down. Actually, it was nice. Very, very nice.

She lay like that for a few minutes, letting the bubbling stream push and tease her folds. It felt good. She discovered that if she pressed the second button repeatedly, it cycled the jet through low, medium, and holy cow! settings. She set it on low, and settled against the backrest, her eyes closing.

The pulsing bubbles throbbed in time to the pounding in her clitoris. Clit, she thought, wondering why she had always shied away from using such fun and naughty words. Ever since she had woken up from her bloody nap—or whatever it was; she re–resolved to make His Lordship spill—she had felt randy, to the point where she’d had to restrain herself from reaching for Duncan’s muscled body and ripping his own clothes to shreds.

As a matter of fact, she couldn’t remember ever feeling quite like this. It was as if some weight had been removed from her mind, and she felt more daring, more willing to take the kind of risks that had always frightened her in the past.

And with Duncan Super–cute Sexy–stuff as close as the downstairs, she just might be ready to make that leap. She giggled, marveling at her newfound daring.

She let her mind wander over the image of that giant sculpted Adonis body of his. He was so big, and he made her feel so tiny. She had discovered she liked that feeling, liked the thought that he could break her like a twig with his massive strength, but would never ever do so, would always treat her with that gentleness she realized she had come to expect and treasure in him. Her trust in him was growing by the minute, it seemed.

She reached out and tapped the second button again, sending the jet to medium force. “Ohhh,” she moaned, as the bubbles sped up and parted the folds of her labia. Pussy, she thought. It was called a pussy, and she liked that it was called that. She wondered if Duncan would call it that. Or what other, naughtier words he might call it. And if it would turn him on to say those words to her.

That thought travelled from her brain right to her clit, and set it to harden and poke from the folds of her pussy. She opened her bent knees as wide as she could.

She flailed her hand, searching for the button to send the jet to high. Refusing to open her eyes, keeping the image of Duncan’s gorgeously rugged face in her mind, his strong square jaw with that adorable and sexy chin cleft. And those azure eyes! She imagined that face, with those full, hint–of–a–sneer lips, mouthing words to her that she had never even let herself think.

I’m going to lick your pussy,” he was saying in her mind.

“Duncan, please, yes,” she whispered.

Your pussy,” he continued, smiling at her with that quirk at the corner of his mouth. “Your cunt, delicious Kenzi. I’m going to make you come while I kiss and lick your cunt.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Kenzi whimpered, waving her hand all around the marble deck, searching for the button. She was so close… Duncan… She leaned forward, searching for the second button, and slapped her hand on it. The third button.

Ahh!” she cried, as the final jet—under her bottom—fired up.

The pounding jet rocketed between her cheeks and into the tight ring of her anus—my ass, some part of her brain thought—forcing its way into her tightest, most intimate spot.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she shouted, and exploded over the edge, her belly muscles clenching tighter than they ever had, her body raising from the water, rigid, wave after wave taking her, her clit throbbing a million beats a second. It felt like it was burning, and her entire body vibrated in time with her clit.

In her mind, Duncan smiled, put his huge hand against her cheek the way he had done earlier, and kissed her. She reached for the belt of his black jeans, her hands fumbling in her haste—

“Kenzi!” Frantic pounding on the bedroom door. “Are you all right?”

Damn his augmented hearing!


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