Excerpt Three from “Betrayed by Desire and Blood”. You asked; I answered.


Has it been a week already? Seems like just yesterday I was posting something naughty that Duncan and Kenzi did. Fortunately, there is no dearth of naughty things that they do. To whit:

We’ll pick up where we left off last week. (If you need a “warm-up”, go back and have a read of that post.) In a blog comment on that post, someone asked me to let the poor girl experience a “release”. Be careful what you wish for.


Desire Book Two cover copy

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Kenzi loved and ached for Duncan all the more, because she knew he was doing this to swell her pleasure ten–fold, a thousand–fold. And she knew he would allow her release when he was damn good and ready.

The thought made her sink into him, like she was becoming even tinier against his massive bulk. It was acknowledgement of her surrender to him, to give up her control so she could be in that moment, in all those moments, she knew he would create for her. All she had to do was submit, and know that her submission drove him to even greater levels of excitement.

And she felt it in him, her submission intensifying his energy. Like he was crackling with electricity. It boggled her sometimes, this male energy—it seemed bottomless. Knowing it was all focused on her, would always be focused on her, was almost overwhelming. If she was a human girl, she probably would have fainted.

He must be feeling a little overwhelmed too, because she felt his erection pushing past the waistband of his jeans, the firm yet silken head emerging to press against her perineum. The heat radiating from it burned through her, even in the chilled water, sending a frisson of desire like a jolt vibrating in her cells.

She looked up at him again, and he was smiling at her. “What’s funny?” she asked. Sometimes it was nice to hear him talk, rather than always reading his mind.

“I was just thinking what a crazy day it’s been,” he said, his voice low and rumbly the way she liked.

She giggled. “Even for us, I think.” For the moment, she stopped trying to get her hand between them, and encircled his neck with her arms.

He chuckled. “Even for us.” His face went serious. “How are you feeling?”

She cocked her head. “Don’t you already know?”

His full, sensual lips quirked. “Sometimes I’d rather hear you talk.”

“Oh.” Great minds. “Well, I’m not sure my brain has caught up to everything yet. It’s bizarre to have gone the last four centuries being a part of this world—the sith world—but not really a part of it. Know what I mean?” He nodded, and she continued. “And then to have a whole lot of the sith world happen all at once… I just haven’t caught up yet. I thought I was going to lose you today.” She saw his face furrow, and hastened, “But I’m okay, really. I’m pretty resilient, you know.”

“Yes, you are,” he said.

She lowered her eyes. “Are you going to find out just how resilient?” She sent him a very specific image of herself she thought would get his attention.

It did. His eyes widened, and his erection jumped against her. “Is that what you would like?”

She nodded, eyes still downcast. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since it happened. A whole month!”

He put his forefinger under her chin and drew her up to look in his eyes. “You know I loved it, too.”

“You did?”

“Couldn’t you tell?”

She giggled; now he was teasing her. That was okay; two could play that. She had felt how the head of his erection had swelled against her warm skin when she sent him her naughty image. Now she undulated her hips, a tiny movement forward and back, enough to stroke his tumescence an inch or so. And move it towards where she wanted it.

“Vixen,” he said, the single word so deep, so heavy with promise, that she froze a moment. His eyes had darkened from their usual azure to cobalt. He gazed at her, and she felt transfixed by his scary, shiver–inducing stare, much the way she thought a deer might feel when looking up from grazing to see a hungry cougar about to pounce, its yellow eyes glowing.

“What are you going to do to me?” she couldn’t help asking. She had a pretty good idea, but he always surprised her. And somehow, asking drove up the fear level, and hence her excitement.

“Everything,” he said, his voice a low–pitched growl.

Her breath caught. He held her with one arm while he peeled off his shirt with the other hand and tossed it onto the bank. She crushed herself against his now bare chest, rubbing her swollen breasts against his muscles, gasping at the sensation of his chest hairs chafing her soft skin and achingly hard nipples. He buried his face in her soaking curls, his lips brushing the delicate skin of her neck. She felt him part his lips and nip her neck with his sharp teeth, making her jump and squeal, then sigh and melt against him.

Her hands came up and gripped his wet hair, fisting in his thick raven locks. Her fingers tightened when he nipped her again, harder this time. She felt his inner snarl from her passionate grip, and he bit her neck, drawing forth a pair of burgundy droplets. He lapped them up, continuing several moments until the puncture healed over.

“It’s okay,” she breathed, her right cheek against his. “I like when you do that.”

He groaned, deep in his chest, the vibration rumbling through her ribs. The image of the giant, unnamed predator came to her again, and she marveled that all his power was under such tight control. But that he could release it at any moment, and she would be helpless to fight it. And why would she want to?

She felt his right hand glide up the wet curve of her hip. His other hand still cradled her bottom, keeping her afloat, allowing her to tighten her legs around the hard muscles of his waist and pull closer to him. When she felt his hand slide along the outer curve of her full breast, she moaned and closed her eyes.

He cupped the weight of her left breast in his big palm, lifting it just enough for the soft flesh to fill his hand, telling her how much he loved her curviness, her lush womanliness. And just as she was sighing into his touch, he slid his thumb and forefinger inward and pinched her nipple. Not hard, not so soon, but enough to send that welcome shock of greedy craving in a straight line from her nipple to her groin. Her legs stiffened and her ankles locked even tighter around his waist.

His left hand under her bottom crept across her round globes and to the cleft of her perineum. She could feel his fingers pause there, between her increasingly swollen lips, and her clenching rosette. With his first two fingers, he stroked her in light, languid caresses, staying in the between–zone, keeping her wondering, and sending her lust skyrocketing. His touch both tickled and incited, and the two sensations warred under her skin, sending her brain into a whirl and driving her desire to the edge.

With no warning, he plunged his two stroking fingers between her pussy lips, and his thumb against her clit. At the same time, he squeezed her nipple hard, stretching its turgid fullness out from her chest.

She shrieked and came, her body wracking against his in shuddering quakes. Warm fluid ejected from her under the water and onto his thrusting fingers. She clutched herself to him, shaking and quivering as the waves of her orgasm crashed through her.

When she could open her eyes and breathe again, she gasped in a huge breath and saw he was grinning at her.

“Surprise,” he said.

Her answering giggle was mostly panting, but she managed to say, “I like your surprises.”

He slid out of his jeans and hurled them onto the moss bank of the spring pond. His erection sprang free, its impressive length nestling from her throbbing lips to her rearmost cleft. She reached behind herself to stroke her fingers across the head, making him close his eyes and groan. Rotating her hips, she ground herself the length of his heated shaft, feeling him swell and become even harder. In the chill of the spring water, it was like sitting on a scorching brand.

Holding on to his shoulders, she leaned back, forcing the flared corona of his pulsing erection to jerk against her puckered rosette. At its touch, she clenched, told herself to relax. When he’d taken her there, a month ago before all the craziness began, she’d never known anything that seemed so naughty could feel so intense and wonderful. That the pain was not like any other pain, and that when it transformed, not like any other ecstasy.

She trembled, and opened her eyes to find him gazing at her. “Hello,” she said.

Of course he knew what she was thinking. “Are you sure?”

“I want to know what it feels like when you… you know,” she said, lowering her eyes, her cheeks flushing red.

“You seem conflicted.”

“I’m a girl,” she said. “Pretty much the way it works.” She tickled the edges of his thoughts, saw what he was about to say. “Yes, I remember my safe words—red, yellow… and green.” She raised her eyes to his, gave him a shy smile. “Olive, forest, hunter, lime, British racing.”

A growl rumbled from deep in his massive chest and emerged an animal snarl. He spun her around so that her back was against his chest, her round ass pressing his cock between their bodies. She threw her head back against his shoulder as he lifted her and slid his thudding erection between her thighs. Sighing when she felt the large flare of his cockhead slip between her labia, and moaning when his big hands came up and cupped her breasts, she hung suspended on his maleness, the water and his tumescence her support.

He pinched both her nipples at the same moment, sending shockwaves of pleasure and pain through her. She heated, her belly muscles scrunching, and she bent her legs back to hook her toes around his granite–hard upper calves, leaning forward.

She knew it would hurt, but was not prepared for how much. The pain exploded through her like a constellation on fire, sparks flashing against the inside of eyelids that had shuttered tight in reaction.

Holy Mother of— He had pressed the head of his rock–hard erection against her creased rosette for only a moment, then had thrust straight in, pausing just an instant as she clenched in instinct against the thick invader, her tight ring clamping behind the flare of his corona, her muscles trying to expel this very foreign object.

He held her, murmuring reassurances, telling her to use her safe word if she had changed her mind about wanting him to do this. She bit her lip, unable to speak, and thought for a flash about telling him to stop, but then it happened.

The transformation. Had to be one of the weirdest damn things ever.

Distracted and wobbled by the initial sting, and gripping tight in her innate reaction to resist, several moments passed before she recognized the warmth stealing over her. And then it got even hotter, as her pussy began to contract.

Oh my fucking fuck!” she screamed, a thunderous orgasm crashing through her. It went on and on, building higher and higher, until she was arched straight out from his body, her legs still locked around his, her hands atop his where he held her breasts, his cock deep inside her ass. And he hadn’t even moved it yet.

He felt bigger than he ever had before. She knew that was impossible, but the thinking part of her brain was drowning in the nonstop waves of the most unbelievable orgasm she’d ever had with him. And that was saying something.



I hope everyone feels better that Kenzi got some relief from mean old Duncan’s torturing. Ah, but I’m sure he isn’t through with her yet.

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought. And enter to win a free copy of this book right here!


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Anal 101: How to Destroy That Ass With Love (A Dom’s Perspective)

Copyright (c) 2014 Corey Harper

A few of you have been hinting that you’d like to see a post about a proper way to have anal done to you. Some of the more experienced girls will already know most of this, and know what they need to work up to penetration in that most tender and vulnerable of areas, but for the rest of you, I offer this simple primer.

Be clear: I’m not a counselor, sex therapist, or porn star, These are just some things I’ve found that have worked for me. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Safe sex should be a given. Wear a condom.

I’ll write this as if I’m tutoring guys, because as the possessors of the dick, they need to know how to control the damn thing and not freak little subbie out. Plus, I have one, so I’m familiar with its care and feeding. But if any of you experienced subs would like to write a post from the penetratee perspective, I’d appreciate it. Other than some basic experiments on myself to get an idea of what it would feel like for my girl, I’m a confirmed top; mine’s an exit, never an entrance.

Since many of you girls have already expressed an interest in this, I won’t go through the steps to get a girl curious about anal sex in the first place. We’ll jump right to prep and landing.

So she’s indicated in one or more ways that she wants you in her ass. Yay for you. If you’re a guy who has never fucked anal before, you are in for a mind-blowing experience. And if you have, you are in for a mind-blowing experience. But how to do it?

First, it ain’t a pussy. Seriously. It may look like another hole in your sweet baby girl, but it’s far more delicate than you think. And also not. Yeah, it’s a paradox; and if you haven’t already figured out that most things to do with girls are a paradox, I weep for you.

So. Not a pussy. Yes, it can take a pounding… eventually. But you have to work up to it.

Okay. Your girl has indicated she wants to take this next step. While there are several ways to prep and train her–including ever-larger buttplugs–I prefer the hands-on approach. Make that the flesh-on approach. But keep in mind that prepping her with tiny buttplugs and working up is another option.

The day of: I recommend eating lightly, and not going out for a big steak dinner or Mexican food right before. No matter how bad you want to plunge your cock into her there, keep in mind nature’s original intention for that particular passageway. And it wasn’t meant as a receptacle for your veiny dick, sport.

I won’t go into complex prep here–like enemas–as that is beyond the scope of this article. Seek professional medical assistance on that topic. Or at least read the label on the Fleet box.

So let’s assume she’s relatively “empty”. (But you should also be aware that it could still get a little messy, so I recommend keeping some tissues or other disposable wipes handy.)

Lube. Lube lube fucking lube. Can’t have too much, especially the first time. If you don’t already have a favorite, Astroglide is a good first-time choice. I’ll say more about lubes shortly.

Your girl needs to be relaxed. You are about to introduce her to something that could actually have some ramifications on your relationship, so don’t be an impatient dumbass. Take your time. Be more than patient with her. This is a BIG deal.

If the two of you drink, a little wine (NOT a lot; you want her conscious) and sensual music for awhile beforehand is a good start. Just sit with her and chat. You can do the chatting naked, in your bed, while you hold and caress her. Make her feel like she is the most important thing in the world to you. Because she is. Do NOT make her feel rushed. You know what you want to do to her. She knows what you want to do to her. You may know what it feels like to you, but she has no idea. And no doubt she’s been taught from birth that getting fucked in the ass is a Very Bad Thing to do. So take it slow; she’s dealing with a lot of emotions right now.

All right. The chatting and caressing is getting more sensual and suggestive. She’s relaxing, and maybe getting aroused. Now’s the time to jump on that and get her really hot.

Whatever she likes, give it to her. If she likes you to eat her pussy, do that. Get her to the point of coming, but DON’T let her come. She might get pissed at you, but hang tough, kiss and reassure her, and keep going.

Her pussy is now trickling like a happy little brook. Her nipples are so tight they could put an eye out. And she’s starting to rub up against you. It’s time.

My personal preference for the first time or three is for the two of you to lie on your sides on the bed. I prefer the left side. You are behind her, spooning her. She might start to hesitate here, because now it’s about to get real, but unless she really balks and calls a halt, keep going. (And if she does freak and call a halt, it’s up to you to determine if it’s a full-on “Red” moment, or if she is calling “Yellow” instead, and just needs more reassurance. Remember our discussion on safe words? You are using them for this, right?)

Got the Astroglide handy? And I’ll assume you bought the large size, and not the little one-use envelopes, because you are optimistic. In this first-time situation, you can’t use too much lube.

This next part may go against everything you think, as a Dom, but bear with me. The long-term rewards will blow your mind:

At this point, turn over control to her.

That’s right. For the next few minutes, your sub is in control. Why? Because she is about to do something that may terrify her, but she also wants to please you. Pressuring her at this delicate stage may get you the ass this one time, but cause you to lose it in the future. You can still guide her, but DON’T force her.

Give her the lube. Tell her to smear a lot of it on your (presumably hard and purpling) cock. Try not to come in her hand, no matter how good it feels, because trust me, there’s a much more fun place to put it.

Next, tell her to spread it on her asshole. And around her ass. Pretty much wherever it makes her feel more confident to put it. You want her to know that her opening is as greased as it can get.

Remember I said you can guide her, but leave final control of your weapon to her. Maybe down the road you can penetrate her like you are driving a railroad spike into a crosstie, but for now, she’s the boss.

A quick digression: I know the above to be true, because I had a sub I trained in the manner I describe, and at one point after a few sessions, she was happy to let me fuck her with no more lube than that coming from my cock. This does work. Down the road, you’ll be able to do some porn-movie type things, if you are just patient now.

Okay. You’re greased. She’s greased. You are so tumescent and throbbing you feel like you could kill with it. All you want is to ram it home, hear her scream, and blow your load into her ass.

Tough noogies. Wait.

Tell her to take hold of your cock. Nestle up against her ass, but DON’T give her any reason to feel you are going to suddenly plunge into her. I don’t mean you should lay there like a corpse, but for god’s sake be still and calm.

Now would be a good time to increase the caressing I assume you’ve been doing this whole time. Reach over and stroke her pussy the way she likes you to do. If she enjoys breast play, squeeze and knead her tits. And since you are reading this on this pervert site, she also presumably enjoys some pain, so pinch those nipples. Let her feel some pain. If she’s really into it, send those pain jolts from her boobies straight to her pussy. Amp it up for her.

This whole time she should have been holding your cock, her hand reaching behind her to grasp it. Maybe she’s holding you away from her ass, or maybe she’s gotten brave and split her ass cheeks with the head of little Dom. Either way, nestle closer to her, letting her know she can move forward.

But at her pace.

At this point she may be keen to put you in, or she may still need some coaxing. If she seems stuck, tell her to rub the head of your cock around her ass crack. Usually she will eventually begin to get more aroused, and will start to press the head of your veined beast against her asshole.

And it’s entirely possible she may get so excited that she tries to shove you in all at once. Don’t let her.

If she seems receptive at this point, tell her to SLOWLY press the head of your cock into her asshole. Her sphincter will likely resist instinctively. Make sure you are absolutely still; you want her to feel like she is totally in control of your rod at this point.

Okay, now we’re cooking. All that lube, all your caressing, all your murmured reassurances should be having the desired effect. Kiss her back, her neck. If she likes it, tug her hair a little. Maybe give her a gentle bite on her shoulder. Let her know you love her and are prepared to wait as long as it takes for her to relax.

Now ask her–ASK her–to press the head of your cock a little harder into her asshole. She doesn’t really know what to expect, and if she presses firmly enough, chances are your hardness combined with all that lube will make the head of your cock pop past the ring of her sphincter, and snap tight around your frenulum, just behind the coronal ridge.

Holy fucking crap! The feeling is indescribable. You want to pound. You want to come. As I said earlier, tough noogies. Wait. Be still. Don’t fucking move.

Because she might have stopped breathing at this point, at the foreign invader sticking in her ass. No matter how tight and glorious it feels to you, she is experiencing things you can’t imagine (unless you like being fucked in the ass as well).

Give the girl a minute to catch her breath and to process what’s going on up her bum. Trust me, the more patient you are with her now, the nastier the things she will be willing to do with/for you down the road. It’s a win-win, so cool your jets.

When you feel her start to relax, tell her you are going to push forward, but only a little. Promise her it’s only a little. Wait for her to agree.

Then do it, but keep your promise, and move it just a millimeter forward. Her sphincter will be adjusting like crazy at the different widths of your cock, so let her adjust.

When she does, tell her you are moving in a little more. By now, assuming she’s going to like anal at all, she will be starting to get past the initial shock, and things will be going on in her brain, and in her pussy. Very Good Things.

She may press back against you, urging you deeper. Making sure you are still over-lubed, press into her–slowly, this time, letting her feel every millimeter. (You can plunge in wholesale another time, once she’s acclimated to anal play.) She may stop breathing again, depending on how much of you there still is to go in.

Once in, stop moving. Yeah, I know that takes a lot of control. Look, you want to wreck that ass on a regular basis, or not? Just stay calm and wait her out.

Eventually she will want you to move. Now–finally–you can do what comes naturally to your rutting male brain. But start slow. Move in and out of her only a little. Then more. And still more. Finally you can pound her ass the way you’ve been wanting to.

Be prepared for some interesting reactions. This is something she’s never experienced, and it is not like a pussy fuck. She may get quite active. As in, tigress-ripping-the-throat-out-of-a-gazelle wild. It’s pretty cool.

She may try to climb up all over you, because the sensations she’s feeling are making her crazy. Hold her hips and control her movements enough that you don’t suddenly pop out of her, because that would be a Bad Thing at this point.

Try to hold onto your load long enough for her to get the full experience. She may want to go for hours, or she may get exhausted quickly from all the orgasming she’s experiencing. Either way, don’t push her. You’re getting what you want, and you’ll get it again.

Once you spurt your cum inside her, and she’s becoming desiccated from all her orgasms, it’s time to withdraw and give the girl a rest. Get those disposable wipes ready.

The dismount is something the two of you will have to work out–does she do better if you withdraw while still hard? Or does she respond more positively if you soften first? It will depend on her, so be guided by what she says she wants. It may take some trial and error, but oh happy day and lucky you.

Clean her up, and for crap’s sake don’t make any pea-brained comments about any mess you may encounter. If you aren’t willing to do this for her, then you shouldn’t be fucking her up the ass in the first place. A nice warm shower for the two of you at this point may be great aftercare, assuming she can actually stand on her wobbly legs. Wash her softly, tell her how good she was, how satisfied you are, and how much you love her.

And then start your evil brain thinking about the next time you get to destroy her ass.

Safe words: Who needs them? Maybe you.

Copyright (c) 2014 Corey Harper



Safe words.

Old hat for experienced subs. Newbies and the spanking virgins may not be certain what those are, so I’m going to give a quick briefing here.

There can be some controversy about safe words, but I really think there shouldn’t be. I’ll define “safe word” for the purposes of this post as: any indicator–verbal or otherwise–communicated from the sub to the Dom, for the purpose of altering, or encouraging, the current activity.

What is the point of a safe word? Well, imagine you are bent over the bed, couch arm, or the horse, and your loving Dom is wailing away on your fine ass with your favorite paddle. It’s all going great, you feel warm and loved, and you are drifting away into subspace.

Then he alters his stroke for whatever reason–maybe he feels particularly sadistic that day–and you come lurching back to your brain. It hurts! And not in a good way.

What to do? You scream, “Stop!” But you screamed “Stop!” earlier, as part of your roleplay, because you really wanted him to overpower you–which he agreeably did. So screaming “Stop!” now will more than likely cause him to paddle you harder.

So what do you do? You agree–BEFOREHAND–on your safe words. The two of you will know which words mean stop, slow down, or Wow that feels good–keep going.

The three most simple, generic words are:

RED: Stop immediately! I’m freaking out!
YELLOW: What you’re doing is making me feel overwhelmed–please dial it back.
GREEN: Oh yes! Don’t stop! I will come soon!

You can also come up with your own safe words, as long as all parties in the scene know, and have agreed to, them.

But what happens when little subbie is ball-gagged, blindfolded, hooded, and upside down in some rope contraption the evil bastard concocted? Speaking isn’t an option. And there’s the additional hindrance of her possibly being waaaay out in subspace, and not being able to speak.

A quick digression: it’s my sense–not backed up by any scientific evidence I’ve ever seen–that a sub loses her power of speech in subspace, because her feelings and sensations take her so far into her right brain, that she simply cannot access anything in her left brain. Just my guess.

Okay, so subbie is mute, and so high you could use her as a speed bump and she wouldn’t complain. Now what?

Every scene is as unique as a fingerprint, so I can’t give a definitive answer that will cover all situations. It’s the evil bastard’s job to make sure it’s all worked out beforehand.

Some options: a bell in her hand, though that could jingle as she is whacked. A bike bell might work, one that has a button to press. She can hold a rubber ball, and drop it for “Red”. If she’s on a flat surface, she could slap her hand or foot on it to stop the action.

You begin to see that it can get complicated, but less so when everyone knows going in how control of the scene works. And the sub ALWAYS has control of the scene, something outsiders don’t realize.

The point is, it’s always the Dom’s or the top’s job to make sure the sub is okay AT ALL TIMES. If she can’t talk, dropped the ball two hours ago because she was on her fifteenth orgasm, and she’s forgotten she has hands and feet, it’s up to the evil bastard to keep checking in with her to make sure she’s breathing properly, that her color is good, and that none of her bound parts are turning dark purple, or worse.

Because really, we want to use her again. So don’t break her.